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Drain Replacement

Drain Replacement

Do you always find yourself ankle-deep in dirty, murky, and opaque every time you shower? Do you find that you’re up to your elbows in used soapy water every time you rinse the dishes? Are you raring to go every morning with your daily routine only to find you can barely get through brushing your teeth when you notice a cesspool of discarded water crop up in your sink? As frustrating as it sounds, you know something is off-balance about your home’s plumbing system, in particular, your water drainage lines. You are best advised not to be complacent about a Calgary drain replacement. Otherwise, you could leave your home exposed to the worst-case scenario of all plumbing problems: a potential sewage crisis.

By signing up to get a drain replacement, you’ll readily bypass permanent and costly water and moisture damage to your home, including the aftermath of water damage and mold. In doing so, you will preserve the structural integrity of your home by preventing wood rot on your wallboards, ceilings, and floors. Although just a single leakage may not be deadly, once one trickles through, others quickly emerge, indicating you are in desperate need of drain replacement. It’s best to be proactive about broken plumbing pipes, as the last thing you need is raw and contaminated sewage being upchucked back into your basement, flooding out your home’s interior.

Plus, a burst and leaky pipe can waste thousands of gallons of water per day, and sooner or later, your monthly utility bills will skyrocket as your unintended water consumption increase. If you suspect something is wrong with your drainage lines, it’s best to rely on a local, licensed, and fully insured Calgary plumber from Calgary Pro Plumbing for a professional drain replacement.

About Our Calgary Drain Replacement Services

Our expert and experienced team members are well-equipped with the skillset, techniques, and knowledge for a Calgary drain replacement, no matter the curveball. As an accredited plumbing services provider, For a drain replacement in Calgary, you will discover that we always take the time to actively listen to your perspectives. We offer long-lasting and effective solutions for drain replacement. Our trustworthy plumbers can handle everything from the get-go for a standard drain replacement service, from removing a clog to prepping the area by scrubbing it clean of any debris to finally tweaking loose nuts and bolts for a broken drainage pipe and restoring it to shipshape condition.

What Is A Nasty Clog, And Why Is It A Plumbing Nuisance?

Supposedly you have gone down the rabbit hole by educating yourself on why your household plumbing has been off-kilter lately, from lower water pressure from standing and sluggish water to leaky faucets. Normally a clogged drain is due to your bad habits and behavior. That is, tossing in items in your drains that mustn’t be flushed down the drain in the first place. For example, here is a list of items that must otherwise be boycotted from your drain lines:

      • Any food leftovers, including fats, oil, and grease (FOG)
      • Soap scum
      • Hair strands
      • Skin flakes
      • Flushable wipes
      • Single-use disposables, including Q-tips, cotton rounds, sanitizing wipes, contact lens
      • Towel paper
      • Feminine hygiene products
      • Chemical drain cleaners
      • Small jewelry or hair accessories
      • Medications

Over time this debris and residue accumulate and coalesce into a solid blockage which prevents water from flowing down your drainage pipes. The tough clog will readily linger on your pipe walls until it’s physically removed through professional-grade plumbers’ equipment such as an auger or hydro scrub jetting machine. Although you can tiptoe around the clog as you probably have been doing so for so many weeks, we best recommend being proactive, as by outright ignoring a clog, your pipes will become more vulnerable to hairline cracks and fractures, small holes, and leakages. Ask yourself: what are some red flags my drainage pipes are busted?

If you’ve noticed any of these telltale signs, it’s more likely than not that you need a Calgary drain replacement sometime soon:

      • Multiple, slow, sluggish drains
      • Standing water
      • Leaky faucets or taps
      • Hairline cracks or fractures on plumbing fixtures, including toilet, bathtub, shower, sink, etc., or water-based appliances
      • Random puddles around plumbing fixtures or water-based appliances
      • Foul and rotting odors from the aftermath of sulfur dioxide fumes
      • Odd gurgling or bubbling sounds
      • Lower water pressure
      • Discolored patches or water stains on your ceiling from a burst pipe
      • Pest invasion
      • Mold and mildew growth
      • Soggy lawn

If any of the above red flags have highlighted anything, it is that a drain replacement is mandatory rather than optional. If you choose to forgo a drainer replacement, your household’s used and dirty waste will no longer be able to expel the remnants to the main sewer lateral and onwards onto the municipal sewage system. Instead, it will get backed up into your drainage lines as you get a slimy surprise the next time to turn on your showerhead during your daily grooming rituals.

Our Drain Replacement Process

Video Camera Inspection

Some Calgary homeowners oft wonder what is brewing in the deep lagoons of their drainage pipes. But let’s face it–most of us don’t even take the time to be mindful of what we’ve flushed down the drains and somehow think our plumbing fixtures will magically whisk away the sludge. More often than not, clogs are due to flushing down solid and liquid objects which must have been trashed into the garbage can, recycling bin, or compost pail. Overall, this leftover debris clumps together and creates a rigid blockage that situates itself within your drainage lines. Sometimes a professional plumber has to collect clues as to the whereabouts of a clog before they can begin a removal. If not, they risk badly damaging and scuffing up your pipes. One tactic they utilize is cutting-edge technology that helps to locate exactly where a clog is located, what it may be composed of, and their best method to get rid of it. Before your Calgary drain replacement, our agile plumber will insert a small waterproof camera attached to a flexible cable and bright LED light into the cleanout pipe. This said pipe is connected to the sewer line. The drain camera is then navigated through twists, turns, bends, and crevices to record real-time footage on a CCTV monitor for you to witness. As the camera is maneuvered through drainage pipes, it transmits a signal receiver that helps to differentiate between small clogs and bigger ones. This is valuable information as this will allow your Calgary plumber to prioritize which area of your drainage pipes needs the most elbow grease for a drain replacement. Calgary homeowners must note that a drain camera inspection is also essential to assess any critical damage too before a pipe relining or bursting service.

Pipe Relining And Pipe Bursting

Now that we have gathered all the clues necessary for your drain replacement. As our Calgary client, you will discover that we can proceed with the physical mending of your drainage pipes through a drain replacement. Nowadays, most modern plumbing contractors utilize innovative drain replacement methods which are trenchless and non-invasive that don’t require a big, muddy gash being dug out across your backyard. Thankfully there is no need to make your property an archeological excavation site of sorts. Based on the footage gathered from the drain camera inspection, if your tactile plumber notices from the recollection that the damages are minor, they will attempt a pipe descaling and lining service for a drain replacement. Calgary clients will notice our plumber will take extra precautions to thoroughly cleanse the area if required. Next, they will line the inside of the old and damaged pipe with a new and solid lining. Once it has cured, it will leave in place a strong, durable lining without any damage. Furthermore, if we find that a clog has done critical damage to your drain pipes, we will instead proceed with a pipe bursting service. At times, the footage will indicate that the damage is extensive, so our Calgary plumber will need to perform a pipe bursting service to replace the old pipe with a new one. This is another non-invasive pipe replacement that doesn’t require the physical extraction of your pipeline. Instead, through hydraulic fracturing, we insert a new pipe to replace the old and damaged one. So at most, we will make a few incisions to access the damaged pipe. After removing damaged areas of the pipe using hydraulics, we make space and thread in a new one. It’s not as completed or messy as it sounds and can be completed within a standard business day, so there’s no need to relocate elsewhere for your Calgary drain replacement.

Why We Are The Confident Choice For Drain Replacement in Calgary

Calgarians want to be refreshed and cleansed as they embark on their bright new day, and the last thing they want is to unexpectedly encounter a malfunctioning plumbing fixture due to a broken drain. A Calgary drain replacement service is not a quick-fix solution and is best left to our pro plumbers are trained according to industry standards. Plus, they can perform an annual professional inspection and provide you with a list of recommendations for future repairs and installations. Besides improving your livability, a drain replacement also bolsters your plumbing system for a more energy-efficient household. As soon as you give us a call and describe your plumbing issue, one of our uniformed and prompt plumbers will be dispatched to your home at your earliest convenience.

Frequently Asked Questions About Drain Replacement in Calgary

How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Drain Pipe?

Although this depends on a couple of factors, including the extent of the damage and the type of material used for the drain replacement. Generally speaking, it costs between $250 to $1,250 and $700 on average for damages that are somewhat reserved. If, however, you have to replace the entirety of the drainage pipe system on an older property, it can cost upwards of $15,000, so that’s something to take into consideration.

What Is The Most Durable Type Of Drain Pipe?

Although older homes mostly have cast iron pipes, given their ability to withstand heavier amounts of pressure, these days, Polyvinyl Chloride is far more common for modern households. PVC is best for water drainage systems where the material is incredibly durable and can withstand heavy amounts of pressure. Best of all, PVC material is not vulnerable to discolored rust and corrosion.

What Causes A Drain Pipe To Break?

There are numerous reasons why your drainage pipes broke. Apart from general wear and tear from old age, drain pipes can break from a clogged pipe that was never cleared out, rust and corrosion, tree root intrusion, shifting soil, a settling house foundation, heavy foot traffic, or heavy construction equipment during a home renovation project.

Calgary Pro Plumbing Will Mend Your Pipes Into Shipshape Condition–Inquire About Calgary Drain Replacement Today!

Nobody wants to deal with the hassle of a faulty plumbing fixture, all thanks to busted drainage pipes. The last thing you want is to be at your wit’s end of why your bathroom sink or bathtub is chock-full of discarded water as you embark on your busy day ahead. By depending on the trustworthy plumbers at Calgary Pro Plumbing, your drain replacement needs will be taken care of. Be prepared by asking one of our courteous customer service representatives to schedule a service appointment.

We can conduct a drain replacement. We can even suggest other residential and commercial plumbing services, from drain cleaning to clogged drains or water softener installation, as we are on standby and anticipate your response.

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