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Emergency Plumbing

Emergency Plumbing

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Are you discomfited about an unpleasant smell wafting up from your toilet? Is there a damp stain slowly spreading across your ceiling? These are clear signs of severe plumbing issues that need to be looked at right away. Reliable Calgary emergency plumbers are the best way to ease your fears — and fix serious, sudden plumbing situations in your Calgary home.

A water leak won’t wait until you’re ready and willing. Disasters with pipes and fixtures can occur during every hour of every day in Calgary. Emergency plumbing services are there for a good reason—your safety! There just isn’t a convenient time for a water or waste catastrophe, but they’re especially inconvenient when they appear on the weekend or just before an important event. If a serious sewer backup strikes at midnight, you might be wondering if your plumber is even available. You can rest assured that we are.

Your local Calgary emergency plumber at Calgary Pro Plumbing is always available! We know there are many issues that strike Calgary plumbing systems, especially if they haven’t received the necessary maintenance and repair services for a while. Getting timely, efficient maintenance like plumbing diagnosis and inspection service or drain cleaning is important for identifying any lurking problems in the drains or sewer before they spiral out of control. Never let a leak run longer results in more damage.

Calling for Calgary emergency plumbing services results in less stress, less costly damage, and fewer disruptions. If you’ve noticed any warning signs — or if a sudden leak is shooting water into your walls — don’t hesitate to make an immediate appointment with us. We won’t have you wait in line; we’re here to help, whenever you need us!

Calgary Emergency Plumber & Emergency Services

Stopping a plumbing emergency requires skill, expertise and immediate, effective repairs. Our professional Calgary plumbers are equipped with all those requirements — and more! Each experienced plumber on our team is fully insured, and licensed. They have advanced tools and specialized techniques to diagnose any issues fast. Plus, Calgary emergency plumbers have all solved catastrophic issues before. With our emergency plumbing service, your burst pipe or overflowing plumbing fixture is always handled by plumbing experts.

As your locally owned Calgary plumbing company, we’re dedicated to saving our friends and neighbours from water damage and rusted pipes. We provide fast, guaranteed repairs and solutions for every possible variety of plumbing problem in Calgary — big or small — and we strive to provide exceptional customer service during a safe, worry-free appointment with a trusted Calgary emergency plumber.

When Should You Call A Calgary Emergency Plumber?

We don’t have to tell you that a situation like water slowly filling a basement or dripping through your ceiling should be addressed by an immediate appointment with your local Calgary plumbers. In more extreme situations like a sagging ceiling, you should call for Calgary emergency plumbing services and 311 and follow their safety protocol instructions.

Potential Emergencies Include:

  • Collapsed Sewer Mains: If the sewer lines buried under your lawn start leaking, it’s your responsibility to get them fixed. The City of Calgary only repairs sewer lines below public property. If the buried sewer pipes sitting underneath your property break in any way, your entire sewage system will be disrupted. Without a prompt response, you won’t be able to send anything down your drains. If you have a backwater valve installed, it will prevent your basement from overflowing, however, do not use any plumbing fixtures during this situation.
  • Obstructed Sewer Pipes: Obstructions might not seem as severe as a total collapse but they could still completely disrupt your sewage service for which you will need qualified technicians. Clogs that sit deep inside drain lines have the potential to stop all other waste. That bad blockage could even cause serious damage if it’s not cleared. If you can locate the sewer trap (or cleanout), we recommend that you unscrew the cap to release some pressure until your Calgary emergency plumber arrives.
  • Leaking Pipes: Even a hole as small as 1/16”, barely bigger than a grain of rice can waste as much as 3,000 litres of water in just 24 hours. The associated utility costs that come with that waste are just the first problem that comes from leaky pipes. Over time, that small leak might cause massive amounts of structural damage to your walls, ceiling, and other nearby areas of your home. If you notice any leaks or hear running water behind your walls or in your ceiling, shut off your water supply.
  • Frozen Pipes: Frozen pipes are common during Calgary’s winter cold snaps which is why we provide winterization tips. If expanding ice blocks your water lines, not only will you completely lose access to that supply, but you will also be at an increased risk for water leaks from burst pipes. Expanding ice puts pressure on pipes that often results in leaks that stay hidden until the ice melts. If you have frozen pipes, think about getting help from Calgary emergency plumber professionals before that minor issue with your supply lines turns into major and expensive water damage. They will use specialist tools to help you thaw the line and provide them with relevant insulation wraps to prevent from freezing again.
  • Failing Hot Water Tank: Both conventional hot water heaters and tankless heaters have a limited lifespan, even less so if they don’t receive the necessary maintenance. Failing heaters are one of the most common reasons that Calgary residents call a professional plumber in the early morning or the middle of the night. Calgary emergency plumbing services are available — for everything from leaking hot water tanks to complete water heating system failure.

Emergency Warning Signs:

Calgary’s emergency situations don’t often come without warning. There are several little issues that might affect a plumbing fixture before calamity hits. If you notice warning signs, you will be glad you called certified Calgary emergency plumbers for a thorough inspection and swift repairs!

Warning Signs Include:

  • Sewage smells and rotten, foul odours coming from drains
  • Clogs that keep coming back
  • Multiple clogs appearing at the same time
  • Moisture stains on your walls, ceiling and floor
  • Liquid dripping through your walls or ceiling
  • Having no water access
  • Wastewater appearing in your drains when you flush your toilets
  • Gurgling and other strange sounds
  • Unusually high water bills
  • Isolated puddles and small patches of greener grass in your lawn
  • Sewage seeping out of floor drains, toilets and shower drains
  • Leaking sewer cleanout

How Do You Prevent Plumbing Emergencies?

Mostly, if you remain extra vigilant about routine maintenance at the very minimum you only require an annual plumbing inspection and diagnosis from a Calgary emergency plumber. If you get help from one of our skilled plumbers, they will find out what caused your problem in the first place. They will recommend preventative solutions to stop that issue from coming back, such as routine maintenance, backflow prevention or minor repairs. Some situations have simple solutions. For example, frozen pipes are easily preventable with proper insulation. Other faults in Calgary require more complicated solutions. For instance, a sewer leak might indicate you need specialized repairs like a trenchless sewer repair.

In general, scheduling a regular maintenance appointment is the best way to avoid every potential plumbing emergency in Calgary. Routine drain cleaning services, plumbing inspections and preventative maintenance from a Calgary emergency plumber are strategies that can help find issues in your drainage systems, supply lines and plumbing fixtures — and fix them before they become emergencies. The rule of thumb is to take any warning sign seriously, whether clogged drains, recurring backed-up toilets or sewer gas smells. These generally indicate an underlying problem further down the drain. If you don’t remember the last time you had your pipes cleaned or inspected, now is the time.

That said, there is more that you could do in your household to avoid drain and sewer line issues:

Do Not Flush:

  • Paper towels, tissues
  • Wet wipes
  • Q-tips
  • Dental floss
  • Cigarette buds
  • Feminine hygiene products

Do Not Pour Down Sink:

  • Oil or grease
  • Food waste

What are the Benefits of Calgary Emergency Plumbing Services?

In addition to the stress-free experience and outstanding customer service that we always provide, you’ll also enjoy our upfront pricing policy. No matter what kind of professional service you get from us, you will always know your exact final costs before we begin. To give you peace of mind, we are very transparent with our estimates and upfront pricing system. You should never have to worry about hidden fees.

Our 24-hour emergency plumbing services also come at no extra cost. We don’t charge overtime fees for after-hours services because your safety is our priority. As your courteous, local pros, we only provide excellent service with fantastic results!

The Benefits of Using Our Plumbers Include:

  • Upfront prices
  • No overtime charges
  • Convenient appointments and 24/7 support
  • Guaranteed services and parts
  • Unparalleled customer service
  • Fully licensed, and insured plumbers

Frequently Asked Questions about Calgary Emergency Plumbers:

What Do I Do During a Plumbing Emergency?

Start by shutting off your water supply at the closest point but ensure that your surrounding areas are safe. You want to approach areas where a ceiling is sagging or electrical outlets may be in contact with water.

If an issue is isolated, you could close a smaller valve, like the one behind your toilet. For larger, widespread problems, you should close your main supply valve as long as it’s safely accessible. It’s never a bad idea to turn off your water heater as well. Next, call a Calgary emergency plumber and follow their instructions.

What Should I Do Before the Plumber Arrives And How Can I Prevent Water Damage in the Meantime?

If you haven’t already shut your main valve, you should start there. While you’re waiting for a professional to arrive, you can also address smaller leaks. If you have plumber’s tape in your toolbox, temporarily stopping leaks may be possible. If not, we recommend using rags, towels, and buckets to prevent further expensive water damage.

Where Do Winter Plumbing Problems Occur?

All outdoor fixtures and pipes are vulnerable to freezing during Calgary winters. Pipes that run through unheated garages are also particularly problematic. Lastly, keep an eye on any lines that run near the outer walls of your home. Frozen pipes are more common when temperatures are cold, so try to keep your thermostat setting above 10 °C. All lines exposed to cold temperatures should have insulation. A Calgary emergency plumber can thaw out the solid ice via a heat gun and apply thermal wraps to ensure your pipes don’t clog up again.

Do Calgary Plumbers Work Overnight?

Yes, most plumbers provide 24-hour plumbing service. Calgary plumbing systems don’t wait for business hours to begin before they fail, and therefore, always need fast response time. Leaks don’t stop at 5 p.m. and neither do we.

Professional plumbers know that accidents might happen anytime, so they’re always willing and ready to provide pipe repairs, fixture replacement or anything else you might need.

How Much Do Calgary Emergency Plumbing Services Cost?

Providing any specific repair cost estimate is difficult for something we can’t see ourselves. Costs depend largely on the type of repairs needed, any necessary replacement parts and time of labour.

Our team doesn’t charge additional fees for Calgary emergency plumbing services and all our prices are presented before repairs begin. You shouldn’t have to pay additional fees for emergencies or worry about additional charges. With our pricing model, you never have to worry about additional emergency prices. That said, feel free to check with us about any past emergency services we have provided and what their results added up to. However, that will merely be an estimate, because every individual plumbing emergency is different.

Do You Need a Calgary Emergency Plumber Right Now?

Calgary Pro Plumbing is ready to help right now! If you’re currently suffering from a serious plumbing emergency — or if you’ve seen any of the warning signs that point to potential problems, we are here to help and keep you and your home safe.

Our team of experts will use the most cutting-edge technology to establish if you have a leak or a crack and find out how severe it may be. Each of our Calgary emergency plumbers has years of experience, in-depth training and access to the best tools to quickly and efficiently solve your plumbing problems.

Give us a call to learn more about our Calgary emergency plumbing services or book a drain cleaning appointment that comes with thorough pipe inspection. Our friendly customer service reps will answer any questions that you may have—with a satisfaction guarantee.

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