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Water Heaters

Water Heaters

The top of a hot water tank undergoing water heater repair in Calgary, with blue and red cold and hot water connections and a new anode rod placed over the opening on top.

There’s nothing like a long, relaxing, hot shower—right up until that moment when the water suddenly turns icy cold and you’re forced to rinse the shampoo out of your hair in liquid that feels like it’s one degree away from freezing solid. That’s one of the sure signs that your plumbing system is overdue for water heater repair in Calgary.

Homeowners in need of hot water heater repair can trust their local Calgary plumber at Calgary Pro Plumbing to deliver expert workmanship and exceptional customer service that goes the extra mile.

Our Experts Can Solve These Issues With Calgary Water Heater Repair Service:

When something goes wrong with a water heater, most people don’t have the experience or training to figure out exactly what’s going on and diagnose the problem—they just know there’s an issue that needs hot water heater repair. Fortunately, Calgary Pro Plumbing is here to help.

The very first thing we’ll do is thoroughly inspect your unit and system to figure out what exactly is causing the problem, and then give you a recommendation on the best way to proceed. Unsurprisingly, there are some common issues that we are frequently called to eliminate. If your water heater is exhibiting some of the following signs of trouble or other worrisome symptoms, we can get it back in great shape quickly and effectively with long-lasting repair solutions.

Not Enough Hot Water

If you’re going about your daily bathing routine and the water suddenly turns from enjoyably hot to icy cold, it’s a very inconvenient and unpleasant experience. This is not something you should just accept, it’s an indication that your unit needs help from our experienced plumbers for water heater repair.

Homeowners who find themselves dealing with this particular issue usually have a tank that is slowly filling up with an accumulation of mineral deposits. The main issue is that the mineral build-up flakes off and settles on the bottom where it can block access to heating elements and prevent them from thoroughly heating your tank. It also takes up space inside the tank so it’s not able to hold as much volume as it did before. We’ll deal with those problems by flushing the tank to remove the excess sediment.

Odd Sounds

Your unit isn’t going to operate in total silence, but you should take notice if you hear rattling, grinding, banging, boiling, sucking or thumping noises as they indicate it’s time to call for water heater repair.

The plumbing experts at Calgary Pro Plumbing will need to carry out an inspection and diagnosis to determine the exact problem, as different sounds occur for different reasons—one common cause is that water has to bubble through sediment build-up to reach the output line. Normally all you should hear from a smoothly-operating unit is a quiet humming noise. Any unusual or disruptive sounds need to be investigated and resolved to reduce wear and tear on the unit and help homeowners avoid a number of other potential problems.

Leaking Tank

In all likelihood, it’s not going to come as a surprise when we say that if visible water leaks from your tank or mysterious puddles forming near your tank are not positive signs that everything is fine. Leaks cause a huge amount of costly water damage in a short span of time, so the first step is to turn off the valve on your heater so it can’t get any more intake. Then, call your local, reliable plumber for water heater repair. Calgary residents should note that puddles might actually not be particularly close to the tank, especially if water is slowly winding its way through a room full of obstructions such as rugs, furniture, and other items.

Water is Smelly or Discoloured

Hot water that comes out of your faucet discolored, or with a metallic taste or “slimy” texture is a cause for concern, and you should not consume it or use it for bathing until you’ve gotten professional water heater repair. Calgary residents may also notice particles of dirt or rust floating in the liquid.

Rusty water typically happens because of sediment buildup or corrosion inside the tank. If you have a bad-smelling liquid with a musty or metallic odor, it is an equally bad symptom that must be investigated by a qualified plumber. Depending on the cause that is prompting water heater repair, the plumbers on our team may need to flush the tank, replace the anode rod or replace the tank itself if it’s badly corroded.

Heating Takes Too Long

If you live in a large household or just really like taking extra-extra-long showers, you know exactly why your tank sometimes runs low on supply. That being said, it should be able to get another full tank heated relatively fast. A gas-powered unit in good shape should be capable of heating a tank in about 30 to 40 minutes, and if you have an electric system it will likely take about 60 to 80 minutes. If your unit is taking noticeably longer to raise the water temperature, it needs water heater repair. Calgary homeowners end up paying higher and higher charges on their energy bills because their unit is operating less efficiently and needs more fuel to provide the same amount of thermal energy.

Why Calgary Pro Plumbing Is the Best Choice for Water Heater Repair in Calgary

A big plumbing repair issue like a malfunctioning water heater is obviously stressful to deal with—but searching for a plumbing company that can get the job done right can feel like just as much of a hassle. There’s no need to add more stress to your life when you can simply turn to the team of experienced water heater repair technicians at Calgary Pro Plumbing.

We are proud of the quality of our workmanship and strive to always deliver 100% customer satisfaction because we take our role in the community seriously and want to treat each and every one of our clients like our friends and neighbors. Our team doesn’t just handle water heater repair. Calgary homeowners can rely on us for a wide range of trusted plumbing services, including water heater installation, hot water tank replacementdrain cleaning, and much more.

Trustworthy Advice

Water heaters are essential pieces of equipment that can be costly to replace. When they break down or malfunction and need either a replacement or water heater repair, homeowners need to know whether they’re better off repairing the one they’ve got or buying a new unit.

This calculation can be more complicated than many people suspect. It is not just a matter of comparing the cost of the repair job to a new unit. You also need to factor in things like future repair costs, depreciation, efficiency savings, and interest payments.

One of the benefits of working with the team at Calgary Pro Plumbing is that we take care of those calculations for you. We let you know whether it is more economical to repair or replace so that you can make an informed decision that works best for your household.

Guarantee on Workmanship and Parts

With our reliable, experienced team on the job, you never have to worry that the work won’t be completed to your standards, or that a part will break down shortly after repair. We only hire the best plumbers in Calgary, and as a result, we’re totally confident they will get the job done correctly on the first try. That’s why we back them with a workmanship and parts guarantee. If the work is not done right, or a faulty part is installed, we will make it right so you don’t have to worry.

Frequently Asked Questions About Water Heater Repair Service

Do I Need Water Heater Repair If My Pilot Light Keeps Going Out?

It’s not unusual for a pilot light to go out now and then due to normal fluctuations in the pressure of the gas. That being said, when it’s relit it should be fine again for a reasonable period of time. If you light it back up only to have it go out again a few minutes or hours later, there’s definitely a problem and that problem is likely related to your thermocouple.

Depending on what’s causing the problem with your thermocouple, your local plumber will need to clean it, adjust it or potentially replace it altogether. On a positive note, thermocouples are very inexpensive parts and a simple replacement should be all it takes to get everything back in shape so you can get many more years of service out of your system.

Should My Water Heater’s Gas Valve Be Set to “On” or “Pilot”?

There are three positions on your unit’s gas regulator knob: “On,” “Off” and “Pilot.” When it’s turned to “Off,” there’s no gas powering the pilot light or the heating elements in the tank. When it’s on “Pilot,” the pilot light is getting gas but the rest of the unit is not. When it’s turned to “On,” both the pilot light burner and the main unit should be getting gas. That means for normal function it should be set to “On” so the pilot is burning and the water is heating.

Does My Gas-Powered Hot Water Heater Pose a Threat to My Household?

Gas water heaters are efficient, fast, effective, and safe if they get sufficient care and maintenance over time. Any type of water heater is going to need preventative maintenance, but it’s more important for a gas unit than it is for an electric water heater because units that are powered by natural gas pose a risk of carbon monoxide leaks. Carbon monoxide is a colorless, tasteless gas that is very toxic and can even be fatal when inhaled in large quantities.

Over the years, the connections between your unit and its ventilation lines can deteriorate, causing harmful carbon monoxide to seep into your home. Annual water heater maintenance gives your Calgary plumber the time to check areas that have the most potential to cause trouble and make sure everything is in a safe condition. If it’s not in good shape, we’ll handle Calgary water heater repair before those trouble spots degrade to the point where they could threaten the well-being of you and the rest of your household.

What Can I Do to Make My Unit Operate More Efficiently?

The best way to avoid the need for future water heater repair and keep your unit running at peak efficiency is with a preventative maintenance plan. By having your Calgary plumber check out your system and take care of any small fixes that are necessary, you will prevent larger repairs from becoming necessary and extend the lifespan of your system so you can avoid replacement for longer. But keeping your system in great condition with regular maintenance can also reduce its energy consumption by preventing efficiency loss from deterioration, which means you can pay less for your energy bills.

During routine maintenance visits, our plumbers will take care of tasks such as:

  • Examining the anode rod for signs of calcium build-up
  • Testing the temperature-pressure-release (TPR) valve
  • Draining the tank to rinse out sediment

Need Water Heater Repair in Calgary? Calgary Pro Plumbing is Here for You!

When you need plumbing services in Calgary neighborhoods the team of professional plumbers at Calgary Pro Plumbing is standing by. Get in touch with us today by calling so we can book you for a convenient time, or to talk to our friendly office staff and find out more about what we can do to restore your entire plumbing system to like-new condition.

Leaking Pipes

Are you suffering from leaking pipes? Getting professional service for that problem is essential if you want to avoid further complications. Without an efficient, effective solution from a professional Calgary plumber, you and your home will be vulnerable to future costly complications.

A plumber using a wrench to adjust the connection between a water line a leaking pipe in Calgary, AB.

All kinds of leaking pipes and fixtures increase your risk of water damage, which will lead to costly home repairs. That water loss will also increase your immediate utility costs. Even a tiny hole could have a large effect on your water bills. The smallest water leak repair could cost as much as an extra $15 per day and waste over 3000 liters of water. It only takes a hole just three times as big to waste ten times as much water and add an extra $100 per day to your water bills. If you get professional plumbing repairs as soon as you see an issue, you’ll have a much lower risk of stress caused by all those additional problems.

If you’ve got leaking pipes, trust your local Calgary plumbers at Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Calgary. Whether you need spot repairs, pipe replacement, or major repairs for underground pipes, we’re here to help! Our highly effective Calgary leaking pipe service is available across Calgary and in nearby areas. If you’ve seen the signs of a leaking pipe or fixture or require fixture repairs, your local professional plumbers are here to restore your plumbing system—and your peace of mind.

Problems Caused by Leaking Pipes

Calgary homeowners may not notice it at first because a broken pipe isn’t an isolated issue. The supply lines and sewer lines in a plumbing system are essential for continuous, smooth operation. Even a small issue with a single pipe could reverberate throughout your entire home like the echoing sounds of a wailing ghost. Sometimes, that haunting noise is one of the additional problems that causes leaking pipes.

Calgary plumbers will always recommend that you call as soon as you notice any kind of change with the fixtures and appliances that connect to your sewage system or supply lines, but there are also specific issues that indicate you need immediate support for leaking pipes. Calgary homeowners who pay attention to serious warning signs don’t hesitate to call a reliable Calgary plumbing company for a thorough inspection.

Higher Monthly Bills

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again to residents of Calgary, leaking pipes are expensive problems to have—especially if you don’t fix them quickly. Some people assume costly home damage will have the most significant effect on finances in such situations, but you shouldn’t underestimate the effect of continuous waste.

In the worst-case scenario for leaking water lines, where costs increase by over $100 each day, you could end up paying as much as an extra $4,000 in one month. It’s important that you investigate and respond to the signs of an issue before you get hit with a bill that could have been reduced with professional Calgary leaking pipe repairs.

Unpleasant Odours

Where unpleasant smells arrive near residential drains or fixtures, a plumbing issue is sure to follow. Leaking water pipes, sewer lines, and other parts of a damaged system will often announce themselves to your nose before they make themselves fully known. If you smell something funny, it might be time to take a closer look.

The range of smells that accompanies a leaking pipe is wide and varied. Sewer backup or damage often naturally brings revolting, rotten odours from seeping sewage, while a ruptured water supply line could bring the musty aroma of rust or mildew.

Strange Sounds

Are you hearing something unusual coming from your backed-up toilet drain or from within your walls? Strange sounds are another side-kick of plumbing problems—and an enemy of Calgary homeowners. If you’ve heard something odd coming from your drains or coming from inside your walls while you use your plumbing fixtures, that’s a good reason to schedule an appointment with an experienced plumber.

The sounds that could be caused by a plumbing leak include bubbling noises, whistling pipes, and banging, dripping, or clanking sounds coming from hidden areas—such as behind your walls. Those aren’t the only sounds you might hear, and there’s a wide range of potential problems that result in unusual noise, so it’s best to call a Calgary plumber as soon as you hear something worrying.

Weak Water Pressure

A change in pressure is a sure sign of an issue affecting your supply lines. If the flow of water in those lines is being directed somewhere else, such as a small hole in your supply line, it could affect the pressure in your entire house.

While some homes naturally have slightly higher or lower pressure, you should respond to any changes that reflect a sudden drop. You should also always respond to any situation that results in a complete disruption of your water supply. If you open your taps and nothing comes out, or what comes out is too weak, consider calling your certified plumbers in Calgary. If you have a pressure regulator (pressure reducing valve), you could check if someone has tampered with the settings before determining that you have damaged lines.

Ceiling And Wall Damage

A slowly spreading damp spot on your wall or ceiling is never a good sign—especially when they’re ringed with a yellowish tinge of moisture damage. Neither is a crack stretching from your basement floor to the ceiling. Any kind of new, unexplained damage on your walls or ceilings should be investigated to find and fix the underlying issue, especially if the damaged areas are near a bathroom, kitchen, or utility room.

While a damp stain or cracked foundation doesn’t necessarily indicate that you have a leaking pipe, Calgary plumbers will definitely assure you that it is a problem that needs to be solved. While that could also be an issue with worn caulk or shifting soil, it’s still best to assess the damage with the help of certified plumbers. If it turns out that your plumbing is fine, then you’ll have one less source of stress. And if you do need Calgary leaking pipe repairs, you’ll already have a licensed professional ready to help.

Persistent Puddles

Pooling water is never something that homeowners want to see in Calgary. If you notice puddles inside your home, be sure to check any nearby connections, fixtures, and appliances for additional warning signs. Puddles are often accompanied by property damage, stains, rust, and nose-wrinkling odours.

Be sure to investigate any permanent puddles on your lawn or in your backyard too. Water pooling after a rainstorm is something to keep an eye on. Any unexplainable outdoor puddles that appear suddenly and don’t go away should be inspected as soon as possible. That puddle might be coming from a burst pipe belowground.

Professional Calgary Leaking Pipe Services

The services offered by Calgary plumbers in response to leaking pipes generally fall into two categories: detection and repairs. The first is an important step for confirming the type of issues affecting your home, and the second is the key step for fixing those issues. Your appointment may include a final inspection to confirm that everything has been fixed and there are no other concerning problems.

Calgary Leaking Pipe Detection

The methods and equipment used for leaking pipe detection vary based on both the severity of the problem, the affected areas of your home, and the preferred methods of your chosen Calgary plumbing company. Sometimes locating line damage is as simple as checking your water meter—although there are usually extra steps.

It may be possible to use specialized equipment, like the drain cameras used by our team, to pinpoint the location of a problem, but your plumber may also need to remove portions of your drywall or lawn to find the exact location of damage. At Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Calgary, we use non-invasive technology designed to reduce the additional effects that plumbing inspections and repairs have on Calgary homes.

Leaking Pipe Repairs

The exact solution for a plumbing problem will always depend on its severity. With that being said, fixing a leak often requires one of two solutions: replacing the affected section or relining the interior pipe walls.

Relining is a minimally invasive method for fixing damage that uses specialized technology to insert a liner inside your existing lines. While the process is generally quick, less invasive, and often results in improved flow, it’s not always an option for residential lines—particularly those that are smaller.

If relining is not an option, replacement will likely be necessary to fix your line. You won’t have to replace your entire system or even the entire line. Replacing just the affected section is often enough to fix the problem, and that’s something that your Calgary plumber is always happy to help with.

Need Calgary Leaking Pipe Services?

As your local, licensed plumbers, we’re dedicated to helping you solve all the plumbing problems in your home. Whether you need a convenient appointment to inspect a new change in your plumbing system or an immediate appointment with an emergency plumber, our team of dedicated Calgary plumbers is always happy to help.

Our priority is providing the best possible plumbing service to Calgarians, and our professional leaking pipe service comes with all the benefits that we provide for every service appointment in Calgary. Keeping you safe, happy, and satisfied with the state of your piping system is our objective, and we strive to make that happen with outstanding service for every appointment.

The Benefits of Choosing Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Calgary:

  • Upfront, flat-rate pricing
  • Courteous, friendly plumbers
  • Convenient appointment times
  • No overtime charges
  • Advanced, non-invasive technology
  • Fully licensed and insured professionals
  • 24/7 plumbing emergency service availability

Frequently Asked Questions About Calgary Leaking Pipes:

What Causes Leaking Pipes?

There are many possible causes that affect homes in Calgary. In communities with older homes, such as Forest LawnHaysboro or Glamorgan, corrosion and a damaged pipe joint are common causes. Clogged drains, excessive pressure, loose connections, freezing, and improper installation are issues that affect homes in every community.

How Do You Prevent Leaking Pipes?

Calgary plumbers say the best preventative measure is a regular inspection from a professional. You should also avoid flushing anything that may damage your lines. Pay special attention to buried lines near trees on your property, as roots may crush or penetrate underground lines. Lastly, you should ensure that all vulnerable pipes are well-insulated to protect them against cold temperatures during Calgary winters.

What Stops Leaking Pipes?

There are several methods used to stop leaking pipes in Calgary. Plumber’s tape and epoxy putty are the simplest options, but they also provide the least protection. It’s also possible to use clamps and a patch, but even that is only a temporary measure. While each of those options may work temporarily, it’s still important to replace the damaged sections of your lines; otherwise, your problem will come back—often worse than before.

Who is Responsible for Calgary Leaking Pipe Service?

In Calgary, the city is responsible for fixing all lines that lead from the city’s public systems to private property. Everything within private property lines is the responsibility of that homeowner. For condo units, apartment buildings, and other types of shared housing, individual owners are generally responsible for the repairs in their units, although you should make sure you know the specific details of your condo board’s insurance and ownership policies to confirm your specific responsibilities as an owner.

What Should You Do If You Find Leaking Pipes?

Calgary homeowners should start by turning off the water to their property at the main shut-off valve. Closing that water valve will help you limit the amount of damage, and it will also help you locate the general area of the damage affecting your lines.

Watch your water meter after you close the valve. If it’s still running, then your leak is likely somewhere along the line leading from the meter to the main valve outside your home. If your meter stops, then your leak is probably somewhere inside your home.

After you’ve taken those steps, call a local Calgary plumber. While you’re waiting for them to arrive, take pictures of all the damage to document the issue for your insurance company if necessary, and try to clean any large puddles. If you’ve been affected by major flooding, you may need a specialized clean-up service. Always watch for any other potential hazards while working near leaks, such as electrical appliances, exposed wires, weakened floors, or sewage.

Call Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Calgary for Leaking Pipe Services!

If you need a professional Calgary plumber to help with leaking pipes in Calgary, call our friendly customer service team to arrange an appointment! We’re Calgary’s local, trusted experts for water line repairs, sewer pipe repairs, drain cleaning, and many other plumbing services, from residential to commercial plumbing.

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