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Hose Bib Replacement

Hose Bib Replacement

Are you an avid green thumb and always the talk of the town every summer when your garden bed finally blooms? Do you enjoy a lush green lawn and regularly water it with your sprinkler in the thick of summer? If anything, you are bound to use your hose bib more often than not as the weather warms up in Calgary. Also called a spigot, a hose bib is an outdoor faucet situated on your home’s exterior. It’s the spout to which you would attach your water hose and is normally located on the side of the house for convenient access for watering the garden, turning on the sprinkler, and, lastly, for general cleaning purposes such as pressure washing your garage pad or patio. Your hose bib is extremely durable but doesn’t last forever. Eventually, it will begin to showcase signs of deterioration as it’s readily exposed to the great outdoors of local weather conditions and the changing of seasons. That’s when you may need an expert to handle a Calgary hose bib replacement.

Calgary Pro Plumbing is your local plumbing company that focuses on maintenance, repairs, and replacements. Knowing Calgary’s harsh winters, it’s extremely important that you protect your plumbing system from freezing temperatures. However, hose bibs are often overlooked and taken for granted. When you hire your local Calgary plumber, they will complete the necessary inspections to determine your outdoor spigot’s health.

Has it been a while since you properly inspected your outdoor faucet? If so, you might be in need of a Calgary hose bib replacement service. Get in touch with us today to learn more!

What Is A Hose Bib & Why Is It Essential?

It’s an outdoor tap or faucet attached to the exterior of a house that allows you to run water from inside your home to the outside. Overall, it controls water flow outside your home. As an outdoor water well of sorts, you can use it to access an outdoor freshwater source for your gardening, landscaping, or cleaning needs.

Most Calgary homes are equipped with one or spigots, which are 1/2 inch or 3/4 inch in diameter and aligned to the indoor water supply pipes. This allows for an optimal rate of water flow. Usually, a hose bib is installed in a specific spot, too, to accommodate the water access point and to ensure water drip outs. If anything, a hose bib is a useful amenity as it allows you to access portable water instead of the home instead of having to transport it from elsewhere, lugging around buckets.

Our Calgary Hose Bib Replacement Process

Suppose you find that your hose bib is no longer salvageable, and you need a Calgary hose bib replacement sooner rather than later. In that case, it’s best to rely on a professional plumber who understands the inner workings of your home’s pipe network. Our experienced plumbers can perform a plumbing inspection and diagnosis before recommending the best course of action for a Calgary hose bib replacement project. It’s a better investment than getting tedious repairs, especially if it no longer retains an airtight seal to stop any leaks. By assessing the situation ahead of time, your Calgary plumber can determine if it’s to your advantage to replace outdoor spigots. Especially if you purchased a pre-owned and older home, the previous homeowners might not have done their due diligence for routine maintenance of the hose bib at all. If that’s the case, you’d be better off with a brand-new unit. But no frets! Our skilled plumber will take care of replacing the outdoor spigot from start to finish, including the removal of the old unit, cleaning off the area of any accumulated debris, and, lastly, replacing the outdoor spigot. At the end of your service appointment, we will run a pilot test to ensure your new outdoor faucet is working properly.

Hose Bibs Types We Replace

Kink-Free: A no-kink hose bib has a spout at 60°, which provides more leeway from any attached garden hose from being wound up too tight and pinches as the hose maneuvers to multiple locations.

Ball Valve: A generic ball valve helps to streamline the flow of water and also allows for a watertight seal whenever the outdoor faucet is not in use. Just please keep in mind the ball valve is only responsible for controlling the flow rate of water and not the pressure level.

Gate Valve: This is an older model of the ball valve and is found in older Calgary properties. All the same, a gate valve allows you to control the rate of water flow from a subtle trickle to a full flush of water.

Loose Key: This is a removable square key that allows you to control access to the water supply itself. If you’re concerned about theft of your freshwater supply from random intruders, this is a safety mechanism. The key can be removed, so be sure to stash it away in a safe and secure hiding place.

Frost Free: This can be opened and closed to prevent fluid from pooling within your pipes whenever the outdoor faucet is not being used. The major differences between a generic hose bib and a frost-free one are that the pipe for a frost-free hose bib is slightly longer, and the main shut-off valve is further indoors of the house where the room temperature is warmer. Although please note these types of hose bibs are touted as frost-free, they still need proper upkeep, including detaching the hose before winter.

Hose Bib Components That We Fix

Loose Packing Nut: One of the most common problems with a hose bib is a loose packing nut. In this case, you’ll notice that water is spurting out from underneath the faucet handle each time the hose bib is turned on. Normally this is a quick-fix solution as by using a pair of pliers; you can retighten the packing nut by turning it counterclockwise. As the seal is securely fastened, the spigot will stop leaking.

Worn-Out Gasket: Most outdoor faucets need a gasket of some sort to create an airtight seal so the spigot doesn’t leak haphazardly when it’s not in use. If it’s become worn down, it may need to be refastened using silicone caulk to forge a stronger seal.

Corroded Or Stripped Adapter: The adapter is affixed to the end of a hose bib to allow it to connect to appliances such as a hose or irrigation sprinkler. After being exposed to weather elements and scathing precipitation, including heavy rainfalls, blistering blizzards, and icy hailstorms, your hose bib’s adapter is susceptible to rust damage due to elevated moisture and humidity levels. If you are keen about maintaining it earlier on, you can cleanse off the outdoor spigot with undiluted white vinegar to prevent corrosion. But if it’s already fallen into disrepair, you may need a Calgary hose bib replacement.

Leaking Connector: The connector is about 3/4 inches in size and comes with a threaded end which allows you to attach it to external appliances such as the hose or sprinkler. Normally a leak in the connector is due to a faulty and deteriorated washer that needs to be replaced. It’s good to ensure the washer is properly inserted inside the coupling.

Why Hire Calgary Pro Plumbing for Hose Bib Replacement

It’s best to prepare for the next scorching Calgary heat wave by asking for a Calgary hose bib replacement earlier on. By relying on a tactical plumber from Calgary Pro Plumbing to replace outdoor spigots, you can rest easy knowing your outdoor freshwater supply is fully accessible at a moment’s notice.

Our Calgary plumber will show up uniformed and prompt to replace outdoor spigots and can even accommodate last-minute 24/7 emergencies. Whether you’re in downtown Calgary or in the nearby areas. don’t hesitate and reach out today!

Frequently Asked Questions About Hose Bib Replacement in Calgary

What Are the Telltale Signs I Need to Replace My Outdoor Spigot?

If you’ve noticed any of these signs below, you may have to sign up for an expert Calgary hose bib replacement service soon:

      • Hairline cracks or fractures in the area around the external faucet
      • Broken handle
      • Difficulty attaching a hose to the external faucet
      • Leaky faucet
      • Random puddles around the hose bib
      • Damage to the house foundation is evident by cracks snaking across the ceiling or wallboards
      • Lower water pressure from faucet due to clog
      • Little to no water flow

Some of these issues could be related to the connecting water line and should be inspected immediately in case of a water line leak.

Do You Have To Shut Off The Water To Change A Hose Bib?

Yes–the first thing you must do when disconnecting the pipe on an outdoor faucet is to shut off the water to the house. Since water is continuously running from the municipal water supply pipe directly into the house, you need to stop it so you can keep the area dry as we carry out a professional Calgary hose bib replacement.

What Is The Difference Between A Hose Bib And A Spigot?

Hose bibs have numerous acronyms, including spigot, outdoor water faucet, sill cock, etc., which all but refer to the very same water mechanism attached and affixed to the side of the hose. The hose bib is directly connected to the plumbing system in your home.

Is It Safe To Drink Water From The Hose Bib?

Plus, although the freshwater supply is all the same whether it’s coming from your indoor kitchen faucet, shower head, and more—drinking water from a hose bib is not recommended as the drain opening of the spigot is susceptible to bacterial growth and insects which can contaminate your water supply.

How Do I Protect My Outdoor Spigot In The Winter?

To protect your hose bib from the aftermath of damage in the thick of winter, you are best advised to use an insulated faucet cover. This is alongside installing insulated tubing for the water supply pipe to offer the best level of protection to shield an outside faucet from freezing over.

Calgary Pro Plumbing Will Replace Your Outdoor Spigot With Ease–Call Us Today!

Don’t wait until the last minute to be surprised that you are all tapped out for watering your freshly mowed lawn and hedges. At Calgary Pro Plumbing, we offer transparent, upfront, and flat rate pricing alongside a one-year part and labor guarantee to replace outdoor spigots, so if something falters for your hose bib, we will return and make the proper adjustments.

Reach out to one of our friendly customer service representatives, who will gladly schedule your service appointment. Curious about other residential and commercial plumbing services? Whether you need clogged drain repair, frozen pipe repair, or a water heater repair service, feel free to ask as we eagerly await your response.

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