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Plumbing Diagnosis & Inspection

Plumbing Diagnosis & Inspection

We understand that as a homeowner your plumbing system is considered a maze in and of itself with all its twists, turns, and bending details. Let’s be real—trying to visualize it brings a tangled game of Snakes and Ladders to mind.

Just like the classic board game, there are literally so many outcomes for potential malfunctions that can result in a plumbing inspection. Calgary homeowners want to examine their plumbing system’s main areas strategically. We can help you stay proactive and make the next move by catching problems before they occur, and by conducting routine preventative maintenance.

During our initial consultation, one of our expert Calgary plumbers will visually observe your pipes, toilets, fixtures, and drains. Our premium plumbing inspection, Calgary homeowners should note highlights your system’s total health and provides a bird’s eye POV of all components, so you’ll be well equipped when a plumbing issue like an emergency plumbing service throws you for a loop, and best of all, soften the blow for many costly repairs later on. If anything, upon completion of a plumbing inspection, Calgary residents have the satisfaction of knowing your plumbing system is streamlined to a high level of inspection service.

How Our Skilled Plumbers Handle a Plumbing Inspection

Generally speaking, our professional plumbers are akin to being the water guardians of your home and do their best to check every nook and cranny of your drain line system. After a plumbing inspection, Calgary homeowners will receive an inspection report or approved inventory that lists recommendations for future fixes, repairs, or replacements.

The purpose of this list is to help you gauge the long-term health of your pipes and plumbing fixtures and maintain their condition with flexible appointments for Calgary plumbing repairs. We provide this to you at no extra charge after the completion of the service because we remain transparent and accountable to our clients, but also we know it’s convenient to have an informative breakdown for the future. Here is a guide to what inspection types we review during standard plumbing inspections Calgary property owners should be aware of:

Visual Inspection

Our expert plumber will begin their assessment by doing an initial walkthrough, similar to a detective, for a plumbing inspection. Calgary homeowners can anticipate their licensed plumber to patrol the home premises whilst carefully observing and carrying out a visual check on the various mechanisms by eyeballing all areas, especially those that are susceptible to developing more serious issues like sewer line and wastewater line damage. We’ll also carefully scan your drains and ensure they are functioning normally at full capacity including checking appliance connections that require water to run like your refrigerator, dishwater, and water heater, even Smart home approved ones. If a particularly concerning problem crops up, we’ll be sure to pay closer attention to that vulnerable area.

Inspecting the main shut-off valve

Think of this as the emergency button to your home’s water system. Also known as the water supply valve, the water shut-off valve is linked to your home’s main water lines, including hot and cold. It’s typically used during a crisis, for example, a flash flood resulting from a heavy rainstorm, or if work is being done on your house. In the case of a flood, a pipe may crack or burst so it’s inevitable that you have to turn off the supply valve to stop the influx of water from flooding your home. During a plumbing inspection, Calgary clients can expect their professional plumber to conduct a thorough examination of this device including testing it out for any malfunction. It can normally be found in the basement which may require a replacement if it’s become faulty due to sticking, rusting, or the seal itself degrading.

Why Choose Calgary Pro for Plumbing Inspection, Calgary?

It’s about time for a professional plumbing inspection! Calgary homeowners can rely on plumbing experts for maintenance, repair, and replacement pros at Calgary Pro Plumbing. And a plumbing inspection is just the beginning! Our expert team can streamline your entire system from the water meter to the wastewater disposal line and all the workings including pipes, lines, and fixtures in between.

Do you have Inquiries about a Plumbing Checkup? Frequently Asked Questions:

What Should I Do Before and After a Plumbing Inspection Appointment?

The best approach to taking care of your pipes between a routine inspection check-up is to treat your system akin to how you would treat your dietary preferences. That is, being respectful and mindful of what your drains can and cannot handle. Many Calgary homeowners unintentionally abuse their pipes. They toss items haphazardly that unfortunately get stuck down the drains and many of us treat our home’s plumbing as out of sight out of mind. This is a bad mantra to go by as that problem will bite you again later. If you remain extra vigilant of what you toss down your drain lines you at the very least only require an annual plumbing inspection. Calgary homeowners save themselves and their plumbers the hassle of costly repairs later on by practicing good etiquette. Some of these blacklisted items include:

Items that must not be tossed in the kitchen sink:

      • Eggshells
      • Coffee grounds or tea leaves
      • Fats, oils, grease
      • Butter or margarine
      • Pasta or rice
      • Medication
      • Fruit pits
      • Fruit and veggie peels

Items that must not be tossed in the bathroom sink:

      • Hair
      • Disposable cotton balls or cotton rounds
      • Band-aids
      • Napkins or paper towels
      • Feminine hygiene products
      • Q-tips
      • Dental floss
      • Cleaning products

What Types of Situations Demand a Plumbing Inspection?

Although it may be a puzzling problem that requires a plumbing inspection, Calgary’s qualified plumbers can reveal many reasons, but there are a few commonplace ones that most homeowners tend to experience. Some of the typical problems we find are:

      • Major Blockages: The most obvious cause of drain line blockages is substances and items that get flushed or dropped down a drain that never should have in the first place. Everything from nail cutters, food scraps, clumps of hair, hygiene products, rings, small toys, paper and so much more. During a plumbing inspection, Calgary clients can expect their expert plumber to provide a wide variety of remedies from draining snaking, video camera inspection, thermal imaging, and acoustic listening to pin point the location of the clog so it can be removed.
      • Tree Root Intrusion: Tree roots can spread out extraordinary distances away from the trunk, coiling and knotting themselves around concealed wastewater lines. These protruding roots can place a significant amount of force on the pipe and result in cracks and fractures. If the roots infiltrate the actual wastewater inside the line, they use it as a source of nutrition and rapidly expand and fill the entire tract of the pipe. During your plumbing inspection, Calgary property owners can discuss potential removal options including signing up for a hydro jetting service to blast away the pesky roots.
      • Slab Leak: Most standard houses are built on concrete foundations known as a slab. When the house is built, some of the works such as sewage lines may be built directly underneath the slab. Any sort of pressure can break or cave in the concrete slab, affecting your plumbing lines. With a camera plumbing inspection, Calgary certified plumbers can locate the damaged area.

Calgary Pro is your best bet for Plumbing Inspection in Calgary!

Whether you’re a first-time property owner or not, don’t hesitate to take advantage of a no-obligation consultation and book a plumbing inspection. Calgary residents can rely on quality service from one of our skilled technicians. Regardless, if you’re wanting a plumbing inspection performed to allow your pipes to be safe and sanitary, you are looking to catch those hidden clogs through a video camera inspection or have plumbing emergencies pop up from time to time, your best bet is to contact the experts at Calgary Pro Plumbing to do the job right the first time.

We’ve brought our premium service to clients throughout Calgary and close by areas. To book an appointment for a plumbing inspection today, or to inquire more about our services, we welcome you to give us a call. We look forward to assisting you with all your plumbing needs and eagerly await your response.

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