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Water Leak Repair

Water Leak Repair

How many times do you turn on your taps each day? The constant pressure of water rushing through your pipes, along with Calgary’s hard water supply, makes for a troubling mixture. Add on an old plumbing system and temperature fluctuations, and you have yourself a recipe for a leak. Whether your leak emerges as a dripping faucet, seepage underneath your sink, or full-blown burst below ground in your backyard, you need water leak repair in Calgary–and you need it fast.

If it’s prompt and professional water leak repair you’re looking for, you should call. Calgary Pro Plumber, who has the experience and skills needed to detect leaks and resolve them before they turn into major issues. Along with the absence of fresh water in your home, if you choose to neglect your leak, you may put your home at risk of foundation and structural damage, water damage to your floors and cupboards, and ever-dreaded mould growth.

Suspect you have a leak? Contact us right away. Want to learn more? Keep reading as we walk you through our process for water leak repair in Calgary.

About Our Services for Water Leak Repair in Calgary

Water leak repair is nothing without water leak detection. Our detection and repair services go hand in hand. Why? Because Calgary property owners may suspect they have a leak but can’t really know where it’s coming from without using specialized tools. That’s why the first part of any thorough leak repair service starts with leak detection. We’ll give you a rundown of each part of our meticulous process ahead so you know exactly what to expect.

Our Thorough Leak Detection Process

While Calgary water leak repair is certainly the hero of this story, leak detection can be considered its mighty sidekick. Our repair service wouldn’t go far without a proper diagnosis of where the water is coming from, and we do that by using a mixture of methods and tools. Among them, one of the first we’ll implement is pressure testing. After running a flow reading and pressure test and finding that the water pressure is indeed low in your home, we’ll proceed with infrared detection to pinpoint the location of your leak.

Your water line runs from a municipal water main through your backyard, into your home or building, and out of your plumbing fixtures. The leak could be located at any point throughout this line, and it’s quite possible that you have more than one point that is leaking. We need to be sure to detect all points of damage in your line, so we’ll run leak diagnostics across all locations of your water line and record the damage.

The next strategy we’ll implement is a video camera inspection. This tool alone isn’t enough to detect small leaks, but it will allow us to see what’s causing the leak. In some cases, tree roots are to blame for leaking pipes, and there are many different levels of severity for cracks. Using a video camera will help us find out what the damage looks like and perhaps even what caused it.

Effective Water Leak Repair Solutions

Leaks spring up directly underneath your kitchen and bathroom sinks. They can also occur underneath the soil in your backyard. As you can imagine, the ways in which we go about water leak repair in Calgary differ depending on the location of the damage. The severity of the issue will also determine which method of repair we recommend and if a pipe replacement would be a better option.

If your leak happens above ground, the process for accessible leak repair can be as simple as tightening a washer or gasket under your sink. Those that occur at the elbow of a pipe underneath your sink are easily resolved as well, requiring little other than a quick tightening of the joint or PVC pipe replacement. Water lines that are leaking behind your walls require a slightly more invasive approach if the pipe cannot be accessed directly.

If your leak is going on underground, you’ll have a few options depending on the condition of your water line and the cause of the damage.

Trenchless Pipe Repair

If the leak in your water line is coming from a small hole or crack, we may not need to excavate to repair your pipes. Instead, we’ll use either pipe lining or pipe bursting. Pipe lining involves inserting an epoxy-soaked liner that will adhere to the inside of your existing pipe and harden. Once hard, the coating is durable and will negate the need for pipe replacement.

If pipe bursting is the better option, we’ll insert a hydraulic tool inside your old pipe that will burst apart the affected section and slide a brand-new pipe in its place. Both of these methods only require that we dig 1-2 small holes to reach the affected pipe. Both procedures are completed within a day.

Traditional Pipe Repair

Traditional pipe repair was the primary method of repair used until the early 2000s when trenchless methods were invented. We will need to use this method only if the pipe we are repairing has extensive damage and neither lining nor bursting is possible. Excavation is required within this method in order to have full access to the broken pipe, remove it, and insert a new one. Traditional water leak repair will also require excavation if your water line is severely corroded from age or if you have neglected preventative maintenance. We may need to bust through your home’s concrete foundation pad to provide an effective solution to the right water supply line.

Whichever type of water leak repair method is necessary for your home, you can count on our professional plumbers to provide solutions that last. If you are a homeowner concerned about moisture damage in your home, you should act fast at the first signs of a leak. Contact us today to get started.

Calgary Pro Plumber: Calgary’s First-Choice Plumber for Leak Repair Services

As Calgary’s go-to plumber, Calgary Pro Plumber has a reputation for providing professional, courteous service and quality workmanship that lasts. We’re in the business of people, and that means we care a lot about our customers and their homes. We pride ourselves on performing excellent service from start to finish and delivering complete customer satisfaction.

Whether you need us for emergency repairs or would like to scope out potential leaks, we’re the experienced team you want by your side for thorough detection, maintenance, and plumbing solutions. Other reasons locals love us?

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While you’re here, be sure to check out our customer reviews. To learn more about our many plumbing services, including drain repairhot water tank repair and replacement, and sump pump repair, get in touch with our friendly customer service team today!

FAQs – Water Leak Repair in Calgary

What are the Signs I Have a Leak?

When a leak is above ground, most times, it will become visible. If it’s underground, you won’t be able to see it, but you may experience a change in other ways. A few of the most common signs you are experiencing a leak include:

    • Pooling water. You haven’t had a storm in months, and yet there’s a pool of water in your basement. Perhaps the water is around the base of your kitchen cabinets or tub and keeps coming back no matter how many times you mop it up. If your basement or cupboards have a mysterious pool of water, look at the pipes directly above it. You may notice a slow drip.
    • Drop in water pressure. If you have noticed a drop in water pressure, there’s a chance your water line is leaking.
    • Discoloured ceiling and walls. Ceilings are usually painted white but can show water damage over time as a slow leak accumulates. If you have a leak coming from your second floor, you may see an off-white, beige, or yellow water stains on your ceiling. If it’s from behind your wall, you may see drywall damage in the form of a moisture stain or mushy surface.
    • Musty odour. This is a sign that mould has made its way into your home. Mould needs moisture, warmth, and organic matter to grow, which means your leaky cupboards or insulation is the perfect place for it to flourish. It can sprout in under 24 hours but may take a couple of weeks to generate a noticeable odour. If you smell mould but can’t locate it, it may be behind your walls.
    • Increasing water bills. For years, your water bills have stayed relatively steady. Now, all of a sudden, they’re increasing steadily. What changed? You may have a leak. If you see no signs of it inside your home, the water loss may be underground, putting the structural integrity of your house at risk.

How Can I Detect a Leak on My Property?

The best way to find out if you have a leak on your property is to call a professional for leak detection services. We offer a thorough service to find all possible sources of leaks inside and outside of your home. If you would like to do a little detective work on your own, you can always check your water bill and water meter and do a visual inspection of above-ground pipes.

What Causes Leaks?

Many factors can cause leaks within your home and in your underground pipes. A few of the most common are:

    • Corroded pipes
    • Normal wear and tear from water usage
    • Lack of maintenance
    • Frozen pipes or temperature fluctuations
    • Loose gaskets and washers

Is a Water Leak Repair in Calgary Covered By My Insurance Company?

Typically, plumbing repairs are not covered by basic home insurance policies, but we do recommend that you double-check your plan. Or give your current home insurance provider a call to get the details you need to plan ahead. In most cases, insurance companies cover some water damage restoration but not the entire bill for the damage that occurred. Whether it’s the lack of maintenance or an unexpected plumbing accident, it helps to express your concerns to your insurance company and get the clarifications you need. Making sure you’re covered for additional insurance options will definitely put you on the safe side.

Professional Service For Water Leak Repair in Calgary – Let Calgary Pro Plumber Keep Your Floors Dry and Home Safe!

Trust Calgary Pro Plumber for detailed leak detection and water leak repair in Calgary. Our professional service will locate and resolve all points of household leaks around your property. Don’t sleep on leaks and risk potential water damage or costly plumbing repairs! Get them resolved now so you can truly rest easy.

Call or contact our reliable team online to schedule your service appointment today. Whether it’s plumbing maintenance or emergency leak repair service, residential and commercial building owners can trust our team for exceptional results. We proudly serve Calgary and its surrounding communities.

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