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Water Line Repairs

Water Line Repairs

Every household needs access to fresh water and every city fights to keep it as clean and pure as possible. While the city keeps track of its supply systems’ age and condition, underground pipes still encounter lots of pressure, vibration, and weather problems, as do the pipes on your private property. In the case of your own pipes, you could find yourself needing Calgary water line repair from a local plumber when damage strikes.

But what do you do if the supply lines on our private property suddenly break? You turn off your shut-off valve to prevent flooding. Then what? Then it’s time for professional water line repairs. Calgary, AB homeowners aren’t always able to see the root cause of their problem, and often, it’s not safe to access the affected areas. This is where your Calgary plumber will arrive with professional tools and expertise to run a detailed diagnostic and complete repair.

Our expert plumbers bring many years of experience and training needed to inspect and diagnose issues to their source and fix them fast and effectively. With our long-term preventative solutions, you can rest easy knowing that your plumbing system won’t call for repairs for a long time to come. As a locally-owned and operated business, Calgary Pro Plumber only hires expert plumbing technicians who have passed their background checks. Our dedicated and uniformed service technicians always arrive in a marked van, so you know exactly who you’re dealing with.

Learn About Your Calgary Water Line

Most of your supply lines are buried behind walls, floors and ceilings, so you don’t have to glare at any unsightly plumbing. That said, it’s worth going into your basement or mechanical room to acquaint yourself with your supply and drain pipes and see what they connect to. Do you see a cold inlet and a hot outlet that connects to your hot water tank? Your supply lines extend into the walls to supply your plumbing fixtures on the upper levels with hot water for showers and washing up.

The same applies to your appliances, like your washing machine. Perhaps there is also another cold fluid outlet that connects to your exterior faucet—also known as hose bib. In short, your plumbing system is complex and will always benefit from routine maintenance to stay in decent condition; otherwise, it’s inevitable that you’ll eventually require water line repair.

Calgary, AB homeowners have to endure extreme temperatures that could wreak havoc on their properties, particularly supply pipes. Your local plumber will be happy to examine your supply line’s overall condition, using expert tools to inspect pipes that are buried underneath concrete or walls. Most homes are built on a concrete slab, also known as the foundation. Both your sewer and water mains are normally built into or underneath the slab during construction. That concrete is designed to protect the wood portion of houses, including the sill plates, which are significant parts of your home’s overall structural framing. However, during home settling or soil expansion, pressure can break your concrete slab and affect your pipes.

By booking an inspection, you’ll get a better understanding of your home’s plumbing system and know ahead of time if you ever need water line repair. Calgary, AB property owners that schedule annual inspection services and a thorough plumbing diagnosis from their licensed plumbers will always be better prepared for plumbing emergencies. Feel free to ask us any questions, and we will do our best to help you be better prepared on your private property.

Pipe Material Types:

The most common and reliable pipe material for installation is copper or PEX (cross-linked polyethylene). Copper is widely used due to its durability and high corrosion resistance, whereas PEX is slightly more flexible and resists cracks and freezing temperatures. It’s also corrosion-resistant and doesn’t cause hammer issues like copper. The standard sizes of the city’s main supply branches vary from 3/4 to one inch in diameter, whereas our homes range from 1/2 to 3/4 inches.

What Are The Signs You Need Calgary Water Line Repair?

Calgary, AB homeowners will quickly notice if any plumbing issues are at play in their home. From flushing your toilet to doing laundry to running your faucet in the kitchen, changes within your supply pipes will have different ways of manifesting themselves. Watch out for these signs that might call for Calgary water line repair services:

Drop in Water Pressure:

Are you in the shower or doing the dishes, but the water is barely flowing with any force? This could indicate a leak or clog in your supply pipe. Please note that Calgary deals with a decent amount of hard water and it’s common for your pipes to have calcium and magnesium buildup on the interior walls that causes drops in pressure too. These unpleasant buildups can also occur inside your faucet or shower head and cause your cartridge valves to corrode. Once replaced, you can check if the pressure problem persists. If so, you’ll need a professional plumber for water line repair. Calgary, AB homeowners who can’t locate the leak or clog can count on our expertise to diagnose the pressure issue.

Water Leaks

Leaking pipes aren’t always visible and could go undetected for months unless you find puddles and other wet areas. There is no major reason for concern if you spot a loose joint that needs some tightening, but running water behind walls is a clear sign that you need Calgary water line repairs.

Serious hidden leaks include slab leaks or shower head leaks behind tile due to a broken water pipe. In these situations, your professional plumber will run a detailed diagnosis before proceeding with options for water line repair. Calgary, AB homeowners will only receive the best, long-term solutions from our trusted plumbing team.


When you turn on your faucet for drinking purposes, you shouldn’t see any sediment or discoloration. If you do, we suggest that you call 311 to see if the city water is experiencing pollution; otherwise, the other culprit is rust in the pipes or water heater. Although most updated households have switched to copper and other materials, galvanized iron is still in use on some properties. The inside is coated with a thin layer of zinc that can wear off over time and lead to rust. In those situations, water line replacement might be the safest bet.

We recommend that you also pay close attention to your hose bib outside because it connects with your supply line. If you haven’t winterized it by draining it and turning off the shut-off valve, you could have a problem with cross-connections. Vacuum breakers are required for hose bibs to prevent fluid from flowing backward and contaminating your potable water. If you’re unsure whether your hose bib requires water line repair, Calgary, AB plumbers are equipped with the right tools and expertise to find out!

Burst Pipe

When you have a burst pipe in Calgary, it could either show up in the form of basement flooding or leaking pipes behind walls. Common types of burst pipe problems that require urgent repair include:

      • Frozen pipes
      • Damaged sections or joints
      • Corrosion in aging pipes
      • Water hammer and pressure-related issues
      • Clogs, sediment and mineral buildup
      • Pinhole leaks

Musty Smells

If you experience musty smells behind walls and ceilings, you likely have moisture or water damage and may need service for water line repair. Calgary, AB homeowners’ quickest way to identify the root issue is to contact their local plumber.

Increased Energy Bill

If you have an unusually high bill, iit could be related to changes in your own personal habits. However, if you haven’t changed anything recently, it could be an undetected leak. We recommend that you stop using water in every fixture of the home and check your water meter. Wait a good three hours to see if the digits are still moving. If so, you have a leak that requires immediate water line repair.

What Causes Water Main Damage in Calgary?

Swift changes in temperature can lead to a main break—the City of Calgary knows this very well and takes every measure possible to prevent this from happening. But public property is different from your residential supply line, which is your responsibility to care for. Common causes of damage include:

      • Poor installation: Depending on your contractor, you might not have had experienced plumbing technicians install your supply systems. We recommend that you check your warranty documents and home insurance papers closely in the event of damage caused by improper installation.
      • Freezing and thawing: Pipes are sensitive when frozen. If left untreated when frozen, they can crack or burst because the frozen fluid inside will expand and create pressure.
      • Soil shifting: The danger of shifting earth is foundation damage and a slab leak that will affect your whole plumbing system.

Calgary Water Line Repair Response Plan:

In some situations, water line repair is inevitable, but you can take these troubleshooting steps to help stop your situation from escalating. They will also help you avoid costly repairs.

  1. Ensure everyone in your household is safe.
  2. Turn off your supply line by locating the shut-off valve.
  3. Ensure affected areas aren’t in contact with electrical outlets and cables.
  4. Grab old towels, rags or blankets to soak up puddles and place deep buckets below leaking ceilings.
  5. Call your local Calgary plumber for emergency services.
  6. Depending on your local plumber’s instructions, keep areas safe and dry. If water is spreading across your ceiling, poke a larger hole to prevent the leak from spreading across your ceiling. However, we do not recommend this if your ceiling is already sagging.
  7. Steer clear from dangerous wet spots and wait for your service professional to arrive.

Calgary Water Line Repair Options

Broken pipes beneath concrete or behind walls might strike you as irreparable without digging, but luckily, that’s not the case. While traditional methods for Calgary water line repair have involved excavation on properties, sometimes trenchless repair services are an option.

Calgary Water Line Repair Emergency Services

Plumbing emergencies are unpredictable, and often, a safety hazard that could lead to costly repairs. Our licensed, local team of plumbing technicians takes these issues seriously and won’t waste any time in providing you with immediate water line repairs. Calgary, AB property owners won’t ever have to wait in line or deal with unexpected overtime charges, because at Calgary Pro Plumber. you can expect fast, trusted emergency services.

How To Protect Your Pipes in Calgary

We all take our plumbing system for granted at some point, but your certified plumber can provide you with beneficial preventative maintenance services that will keep your supply lines in check.

      • Install a pressure regulator to manage pressure
      • Book routine drain cleaning and plumbing inspection services
      • Install a backwater valve and/or sump pump to prevent flood and sewer backup
      • Ensure all pipes are properly insulated

Need Calgary Water Line Repair Services? Trust Your Local Pros at Calgary Pro Plumber!

Nothing is more of a nuisance than a broken water main, accompanied by change in pressure, clogs and pipe bursts. Our team’s goal is to provide every household with preventative maintenance that ensures a healthy plumbing system with a clean flow of water. Whether you need drain cleaning or trenchless sewer repair, our expert team serves all of Calgary, providing excellent workmanship and customer service.

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