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Water Line Replacement & Installation

Water Line Replacement & Installation

In the heart of the majestic Canadian Rockies lies the vibrant city of Calgary, where the allure of living seamlessly blends urban sophistication with the breathtaking beauty of nature. Here, the crisp mountain air complements the warm community spirit, making Calgary not just a city but a lifestyle. As residents bask in the city’s charm, there’s a critical underpinning ensuring the comfort and functionality of every home—the plumbing infrastructure. When it comes to preserving the integrity of your dwelling, particularly in the realm of waterline replacements, choosing the right Calgary plumber becomes paramount. Our plumbing systems are modern marvels that most Calgary property owners tend to take for granted — right up until the point where it malfunctions, and you lose pressure or your access to clean water. That’s when you know you need water line replacement in Calgary or even a new water line installation.

Whether the lines are contaminated, the flow has slowed to a meager little trickle, or there is nothing coming out of your plumbing fixtures, your pipes need attention from a professional plumber to correct the problem and restore your property to a safe, comfortable, livable condition. Enter Calgary Pro Plumbing, the undisputed expert in handling waterline replacements in Calgary. With a legacy of excellence, we understand the unique demands of Calgary’s landscape and the intricacies of its plumbing systems. Our seasoned professionals are not merely plumbers; they are guardians of your home’s essential systems. As you navigate the nuances of waterline replacements, trust our experts to deliver unmatched expertise, reliability, and a commitment to ensuring your home continues to thrive in this captivating city. Ready to safeguard your home? Contact us today for a plumbing experience that exceeds expectations.

What Our Water Line Replacement in Calgary Means For You

Embark on a journey to safeguard the heartbeat of your home. Our services for a waterline replacement in Calgary are not just about plumbing; they are a commitment to the longevity and well-being of your residence. Read on to know when it’s time for a water line replacement in Calgary and how our licensed plumbers carry out expert replacements and installations.

When to Consider a Water Line Replacement In Calgary

While your incoming pipes are built to be durable and long-lasting, they can suffer damage from factors such as freezing cold weather, lack of maintenance, and just regular wear and tear over time. Even tree roots cause issues for some homes in Calgary. The biggest issues that affect the supply of fresh water to Calgary homes are cracks and leaks that develop in the supply pipe.

Wondering if your property might be one of those homes that need Calgary water line replacement or installation service? Here are key warning signs you should look for:

Discoloured or Smelly Drinking Water

Liquid coming out of faucets in Calgary should be crystal-clear and odourless. It may look cloudy at first due to aeration from faucet pressure, but it should quickly settle. If brown or yellow water comes out of your faucets or it has particles of rust, dirt, or sediment in it, that’s a problem that should be fixed.

Your broken pipe could be caused by internal corrosion, or there is a crack somewhere along your pipe that is letting in dirt. In either case, your lines have damage that should be fixed by a professional plumber.

Low Water Pressure

When you get in the shower after a long day, you want to stand under a steady stream of hot water—not a measly little trickle. If you notice a drop in water pressure coming out of your faucets and shower heads, it seems a lot weaker than it used to be. It may be that some liquid is being diverted by a leak, which causes a reduction in pressure. If you have a pressure regulator, we recommend checking the settings.

This issue could also be caused by far-reaching tree roots that wrap themselves around buried lines and constrict until the line cracks. Once roots touch water, they grow rapidly, entering your lines and partially or completely blocking the flow. Hard water mineral deposits built up inside water lines can have a similar effect by attracting debris and creating clogs.


Most of your pipes are hidden below ground or behind your walls and floors, but there is likely a place in your home where the piping is visible. If you can see signs of corrosion on the outside of the line, such as patches of rust or oxidation that look like chalky white or green spots, that is a strong indication that something is wrong inside the line as well. It may be possible to simply replace the damaged part of the line instead of doing a complete replacement, but either way, it needs to be resolved by a licensed plumber. However, visible rust can also be a sign of high moisture levels and water damage.

Warm Patches on Basement Floor

Do you have a patch of basement floor that feels mysteriously warmer than the rest of the floor? This is definitely not the good kind of in-floor heating. Warm patches can occur when a hot water line has sprung a leak underneath your concrete foundation slab. While slab leak detection can be challenging, the team at Calgary Pro Plumbing has advanced tools that include acoustic listening devices and soil probes that will help us pinpoint the location of the water leak.

Water Pooling on Lawn

If a sudden and unwelcome “duck pond” has spontaneously formed on your lawn, or you notice the grass is unusually squishy and soggy under your feet, it is likely that an underground pipe in your yard is leaking. The affected service lines could be water service pipes as well as sewer laterals. This typically happens as a result of tree root intrusion or the ground freezing and thawing in winter. The pipe needs to be replaced immediately before it wastes any more water, destroys the landscaping of your private property, or attracts the attention of your neighbourhood geese. The first step to take is to locate your water meter and turn off the main water shut-off valve. Next, call your Calgary plumber for emergency service.

Increased Utility Bill

Did you get an unpleasant surprise when you received your last water bill? If the amount you have to pay jumps upward even though you are pretty sure you haven’t used more water than usual, a hidden leak might be the culprit. Our Calgary plumbers will use advanced leak detection technology, including video camera inspection and infrared cameras, to find any damaged water pipes on your property so we can get them repaired. It’s important to detect it fast, as it could otherwise cause structural damage to your property.

We Offer Expert Services For A Water Line Replacement in Calgary, AB

While it is sometimes possible for your local plumber to repair sections of pipe without needing to do a complete water line replacement in Calgary, depending on the extent and type of the damage and the age of your system, if you are seeing issues like the ones described above, it is probable that your residential or commercial property will need pipe replacement.

Are you imagining your walls being ripped open and your lawn destroyed by huge, ugly trenches so plumbers can access and swap out your pipes? Don’t panic! While it’s true that, in the past, replacing pipes was a damaging and invasive process, Calgary Pro Plumbing can now use a non-invasive, trenchless method for pipe replacement to run new lines without having to dig up your yard or cause damage to your house.

The Pipe Pull™ technique is a complete replacement option that only requires two small holes to be dug at either end of the water line. We then burst the old pipe apart with hydraulics and pull a new line through the space where the old one was. Before we begin the actual replacement, we’ll investigate with diagnostic tools like video camera inspection, where a small camera is lowered into your drain on a flexible cable and maneuvered through the pipe, recording video footage of everything it “sees.” This helps your plumber to pinpoint the exact nature and location of the problem.

Benefits of Trenchless Water Line Replacement in Calgary

      • Fast and efficient—water line replacement in Calgary is usually complete within a day
      • Doesn’t tear up your landscaping or damage your house
      • Durable and long-lasting
      • Complies with all applicable codes
      • Meets or exceeds industry standards
      • Deflects tree roots and resists harsh chemicals

Our Professional Waterline Replacement in Calgary Ensures Your Home’s Vitality

Your home deserves a waterline replacement in Calgary that transcends the mundane—a service that understands the nuances of this captivating locale. Discover how choosing our service provider can make a monumental difference in preserving the essence of your Calgary abode with our meticulous approach. We follow a set of standards, ensuring efficiency and expertise at every level.

      • Precision Diagnosis: Our process begins with a meticulous inspection of your existing waterline. We utilize cutting-edge diagnostic tools to identify the root cause of issues, ensuring that our solutions are targeted and effective.
      • Tailored Solutions: No two Calgary waterline replacements are the same. We personalize our approach to fit the unique characteristics of your home, considering factors such as soil conditions, piping materials, and environmental nuances specific to your neighbourhood.
      • Minimized Disruption: We know the importance of minimizing disruptions to your daily life. Our expert plumbers work efficiently to execute replacements with precision, limiting downtime and ensuring a seamless transition.
      • Quality Materials: Utilizing only the highest quality materials, we guarantee the durability and longevity of the replaced waterline, which is backed by our workmanship guarantee. Our dedication to excellence expands to the products we use, ensuring your investment stands the test of time.
      • Compliance: Navigating the regulatory landscape for waterline replacements can be complex. Rest easy as our experts ensure compliance with local codes, allowing you to focus on the comfort of your home.
      • Transparent Communication: Throughout the process, we prioritize clear and transparent communication. From the initial phone call to the completion of the replacement, you are kept informed, empowering you with the knowledge to make confident decisions.

As we traverse the intricate network of pipes beneath your home, envision a future where your waterline is not just a conduit but a lifeline to comfort and security. The significance of a reliable waterline becomes even more pronounced in the unique landscape of Calgary. It’s not merely about replacing pipes; it’s about fortifying the essence of your home against the elements.

Why Choose Our Expert Plumbers for Water Line Replacement In Calgary?

When you need professional plumbing services in Calgary, including water line repairs or replacement, trust the plumbing experts at Calgary Pro Plumbing to get your plumbing system in perfect working order quickly and efficiently. We don’t just apply a “band-aid” fix that will cause even more problems for you a few months down the road. Our qualified plumbers have the experience to evaluate the problem and repair options accurately, then come up with an inspired solution that will be safe and long-lasting, using advanced technology and state-of-the-art equipment.

Workmanship And Parts Guaranteed

We only hire Calgary’s most skilled and experienced plumbers, and we are very confident in their ability to provide workmanship that meets the highest standards of excellence, using top-quality parts and products. That’s why we back them up with a guarantee on all workmanship and parts. You never have to worry about the quality of service you’ll get from Calgary Pro Plumbing because we’re dedicated to getting the job done right the first time.

24/7 Emergency Services

Plumbing emergencies never seem to have the good grace of occurring during business hours. Instead, your system will work perfectly until the moment it sticks you with a plumbing disaster in the middle of the night or during a long holiday weekend. It’s not personal, but it sure can feel that way when you’re struggling to cope with a problem after hours.

Luckily, there is always help available from Calgary Pro Plumbing, 24 hours per day and seven days per week. We have an emergency plumber standing by at all times. Just give us a call, and we’ll be at your door as soon as possible to get your system under control and give you back your peace of mind. Worried about hidden costs during our emergency services? Don’t be! We never charge overtime fees, so our services cost exactly the same at 2 am as they do at 2 pm.

Frequently Asked Questions About Calgary Water Line Replacement

Do you have questions about water line replacement in Calgary or want to know more about Calgary Pro Plumbing’s other services? No problem! Call our friendly customer service representatives and get all your questions answered, or check out our answers to some common questions below.

How Often Should Water Lines Be Replaced?

The life span of pipes varies somewhat based on the type of material they are made from, but you can expect pipes that are well-maintained to last for 70 years or potentially even longer. That being said, there are outside factors that can cause them to become damaged before their time, such as vibrations from earthquakes or heavy construction, the freeze and thaw cycle in winter, and tree root intrusion. It’s a good idea to have a professional inspection done every five years or so and to call a plumber right away if you notice any potential problems with your lines.

Can I Replace My Own Water Line?

In a word, no. You really don’t want to mess around with your clean water supply. It needs to be handled by an experienced, licensed, and professional plumber who has access to all the relevant tools and training to make sure your supply pipes are safe and secure. While there are some things an amateur can take care of on their own, this is definitely not one of them. Water line replacement in Calgary requires a lot of equipment and training, and the pros can do it a lot more quickly, efficiently, and effectively with specialized solutions like trenchless technology.

Does Calgary Have Lead Water Lines?

No—for the most part. There was a period of time between 1939 and 1947 when copper was not readily available, and some lead service connections were installed by the city. They are in the process of being removed, and the 500 or so houses that do have lead service connections are monitored for water quality. It’s unlikely that your home has lead pipes, but if they were installed prior to 1950, there is a chance. If you find lead pipes on your property, they should be replaced immediately. Copper fixture supply lines are the best option.

Got a Broken Water Pipe? Calgary Pro Plumbing Provides Expert & Efficient Water Line Replacement In Calgary!

If your home or commercial property is in need of Calgary water line services, you need to find a team of plumbers who are experienced and capable but also courteous and trustworthy. Put your mind at ease by hiring Calgary Pro Plumbing to whip your plumbing system into perfect condition.

In Calgary, where the mountains meet urbanity, our commitment to excellence mirrors the resilient spirit of the locals. Entrust us with the responsibility of safeguarding your home’s vitality, and let the flow of reliability course through every faucet. Together, let’s ensure that the heart of your residence beats steadily for years to come.

Pick up the phone and give us a call today to request our service. We are standing by, ready to help you find out more about the wide range of expert plumbing repair, maintenance, and installation services we offer! We serve many communities. Let our professional plumbers restore your lines because you deserve the best, and that is precisely what we provide! Contact us today to embark on a journey toward a seamlessly functioning, resilient home.

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