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Backwater Valve Installation

Backwater Valve Installation

    • Calgary’s weather can be unpredictable. With a heat wave one day and a chilly day of heavy rainfall the next, locals know the value of being prepared for the worst. When it comes to their sewer lines, add in a few unforeseen tree roots, years of mineral buildup, and a couple of careless flushes, and they’ll find themselves with a nasty sewer backup. This emergency happens more often than you think, which is why finding a reliable company for a Calgary backwater valve installation is so important.

      Whether you have experienced a water backup before, there is value in calling your Calgary plumber for this invaluable service. One call to Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Calgary will safeguard your home from black water and raw sewage, but we also offer a comprehensive range of repair and maintenance services to ensure your plumbing runs smoothly year-round. Need us during an emergency situation? We’ll be there when you need us most. Call our customer care team today to learn more or book an appointment.

      About Our Calgary Backwater Valve Installation Services

      The chances of sewer system backups are high in Calgary. While residents don’t see extreme amounts of heavy rain, clogs are incredibly common. So, what goes on when you call us for your Calgary backwater valve installation? The process is much different for new builds and retrofitting, as our retrofitting service will require digging, cutting, and possibly jackhammering to reach your existing line. In either type of service, we’ll arrive at a convenient time and thoroughly inspect your plumbing line. Based on what we find, we’ll recommend the right type of backwater valve for your home and install it. You’ll have a few options to choose from, including these common valve types:

      • Check Valve: Featuring a flap and ball valve that automatically stops wastewater from reentering your home by detecting water levels, check valves are the most common choice for Calgary homeowners.
      • Gate Valve: You can control gate valves manually, but because of their manual controls, they’re a bit more expensive than check water valves.
      • Combination Valve: Not sure which to choose? Combination backup valves have both automatic and manual controls.

      During your Calgary backwater valve installation, our experts will make sure that your residential systems meet Canadian plumbing codes before choosing the most appropriate location for your valve. Whether you are building your home from the ground up or need our retrofitting or backwater valve replacement services, we can help. Give our valued team a call today.

      Why Choose Calgary Pro  Plumbing For Backwater Valve Installation?

      Calgary Pro Plumbing  offers backflow valve installation for new builds, but we also have retrofitting services. In these, valves are a little more complex to install. Backwater valve installation that requires retrofitting means that we will need to drill, jackhammer, and cut into your basement floor or concrete floor. That’s not something you want a novice plumber to handle. A company without extensive experience and licensed plumbers and plumbing contractors may do more harm than good, and that’s precisely why so many Calgarians have entrusted our reliable, professional team for this invaluable service.

      In addition to our expertise, we bring a range of comprehensive plumbing services to locals that they count on daily for all of their plumbing issues. From plumbing repairs and emergency plumbing service to water line repairs and help with sewer system backups, we’re here for you when you need us. On your service day, our qualified plumbers will arrive on time and in uniform, ready to get to work. We’ll bring all the right tools and equipment for the job and complete a thorough inspection of your plumbing before we begin. With our upfront, flat-rate pricing, we aim to take the stress out of your service call by keeping you in the know every step of the way. We even back our workmanship and parts with a guarantee. Call us today to find out more about the many services we provide and how we can help with your Calgary backwater valve installation.

      FAQs About Calgary Pro Plumbing Backwater Valve Installation

      What is a Backwater Valve?

      Also called a sewer backup valve, a backwater valve is a one-way fixture installed on your sanitary sewer line. It stops the sewage and flow of water that leave your home from coming back should there be a clog down the line or the odd chance of excessive rain in Calgary. From preventing backups to basement flooding during unexpected weather conditions, a backflow valve is a must for every home, even though it’s not required by law in the building process.

      Most newer homes in Calgary will already have this device installed during the construction process; however, many older homes do not. Our retrofitting service will install a backwater valve on your main sewer drain line to prevent ever-dreaded backups into your home.

      How Does a Backwater Valve Work?

      In regard to preventing the mess and damage costs of a sewer backup, a backwater valve is perhaps the most important plumbing fixture you can install for your home, along with a quality sump pump and reliable floor drains. In the event of water damage caused by backed-up sewage and backwater flooding, this one service may prevent the need for mould remediation or water damage restoration.

      To understand what a backwater valve does, we first need to understand how your sewer system works. Sewer lines are fairly simple systems. They rely on gravity to carry wastewater away from your home into a basin or your municipal sewer line. But due to the hard water in Calgary AB, invasive tree roots, hair, grease, and debris, they can become clogged, forcing the wastewater to travel backward and out of your sinks and showers. Cue, backwater valves, the heroes that protect your home from nasty sewer waste.

      Here’s exactly how they work:

      1. Inside the valve, there lies an open flap that allows water to exit while venting sewer gases
      2. On each side of the valve sits a flotation device that senses sewage or wastewater levels
      3. If they detect liquid flowing backward, backwater prevention devices will rise to shut the flap and prevent it from reentering your home
      4. When water stops flowing back into the direction of your home, gravity will allow the flap to open again, and the sewage will go down into your septic system

      Is a Plumbing Permit Required for Calgary Backwater Valve Installation?

      Yes. A permit is required for a backwater valve installation in Calgary. Your plumbing professional will obtain this before starting the installation process of your backflow preventers, as any physical barriers to your city sewer pipe will need to be removed during retrofitting or replacement services.

      Avoid Nail-Biting Backups! Call Calgary Pro Plumbing For a Backwater Valve Installation Today!

      If your home does not have a backwater valve, it’s a service you should seriously consider if you would like to prevent sewage backup. While the service is complex, this first line of defense for homes can help you avoid a serious mess in your bathroom drain, shower drain, and sinks from the back flow of sewage and wastewater. Backflow valves are high-value devices that require very little regular maintenance other than an annual backwater valve inspection from a professional plumber.

      In addition to these maintenance services, local homeowners should seek out our efficient drain cleaning service to keep their drain pipes free from clogs and buildup. From thorough plumbing diagnosis and inspection to trenchless sewer line replacements, Mr. Rooter Plumbing is your top choice for a wide range of plumbing services, including Calgary backwater valve installation service. Call our knowledgeable customer service team today to find out more.

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