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Sump Pump Services

Sump Pump Services

We love the beautiful mountains and the winding Bow River, but all those slopes and turns can harm our Calgary homes, especially once heavy snow melts. Calgary is prone to flooding, and flood damage to your home can cost you an arm and a leg and create more long-term problems. Sump pumps are invaluable in preventing water damage and flooding in Calgary. These handy systems re-route water away from the lowest point of your home’s foundation to prevent basement flooding. When heavy rains occur or much snow melts, a sump pump will free your basement and foundation from expensive water damage. They protect your home from flooding and other costly damages, but it can be a disaster when they fail. If you need to call an expert for sump pump repair in Calgary, you may feel overwhelmed with questions. Fear not!

Your local Calgary plumber at Calgary Pro Plumbing has all your sump pump repair needs right here. Contact us to learn more about our maintenance and repair services, or book an appointment with one of our experienced plumbing experts.

About Our Sump Pump Repair in Calgary

Our Calgary sump pump repair services refer to the device’s maintenance, restoration, or replacement. They are designed to prevent basement flooding by removing excess water from basements, perimeter drains, and other low-lying areas prone to flooding. The system works with a sump pit, typically located below the basement level, so it catches and fills with water first. When the water level rises to a certain point, the sump pump system turns on and safely pumps the water out of your house. This device protects your home from flooding and expensive water damage.

There are two main types of sump pumps: pedestal and submersible. A pedestal pump is mounted above the sump pump pit, giving a homeowner and plumber easy access. A submersible pump sits inside the cavity with water and is not seen. Usually, sump pump systems are connected to your home’s electrical system or plugged into a wall outlet. Unfortunately, being connected to power in this way means that power outages can occur. That’s why we recommend always having a battery-powered backup sump pump. Calgary Pro Plumbing can help with your sump pump installation and backups, ensuring that your unit doesn’t fail with any power failures.

If you already have a system in your home, then understanding it and the maintenance it needs will give you peace of mind from any potential flooding or disruptions. Even though we’d love for all our house systems to always work perfectly, often they need some maintenance or repair. An efficient sump pump repair in Calgary involves identifying and addressing issues such as clogged drains, motor malfunctions, or other failures that prevent the pump from effectively pumping water out of your home.

Common Causes of Sump Pump Failure

These units are essential for preventing water damage in your home, but if not kept in proper working order, they can cause serious issues. Common causes of sump pump failure include a power outage, a clogged sump pump inlet screen, the basin water level being too high, the pump continuously running, a stuck switch, and improper installation. To avoid these problems, make sure to regularly check the power source of your sump pump, clean it regularly, and hire a plumbing expert for proper installation services. We’ve included a simple checklist so you can make sure no home disasters happen!

No matter what type of sump pump you have or need, we’re here to provide outstanding repair services. We understand the importance of keeping your system running efficiently and effectively from residential to commercial properties. Our experienced technicians take pride in delivering prompt and reliable service and can diagnose any issue while recommending a cost-effective solution. With a professional sump pump repair, Calgary homeowners can rest assured that their property will remain safe from flooding and water damage for years.

Trust Calgary Pro Plumbing for Your Sump Pump Repairs in Calgary!

When it comes to sump pump repair, trust the professionals at Calgary Pro Plumbing. Our experienced plumbers are committed to providing top-notch repair services at an affordable price. Our specialized tools can give you a quick and accurate diagnosis so your sump pump gets back up and running quickly. We guarantee you will receive reliable and efficient solutions with us. So don’t wait any longer – contact Calgary Pro Plumbing for quality sump pump repair!

Fully Certified & Licensed

Our plumbing professionals are certified, licensed, and insured, meaning they are expertly trained in their industry and jobs. We only want the best for our customers, including providing licensed plumbers with the correct certification to give you a pleasant plumbing experience.

Upfront Pricing

Are you tired of surprising sump pump repair costs? Have no headaches with Calgary Pro Plumbing! We offer honest pricing with no overtime charges, leaving our customers satisfied with no unexpected costs of sump pump maintenance. We will let you know the price of a job before we start.

Flexible Appointments

We understand your life is full of appointments and commitments; being busy is just an average day. That’s why you can schedule a sump pump repair with Calgary Pro Plumbing at your convenience! We are available for you at whatever time of booking is most convenient for your schedule. We pride ourselves on giving professional consultation and exceptional service, which is why your time matters to us.

Sump Pump Repair: Calgary’s Frequently Asked Questions

We often receive inquiries from homeowners in the Calgary area regarding sump pumps and their maintenance. Addressing these common questions is essential to help homeowners better understand the importance of sump pumps and how to ensure their optimal functionality. Some of the frequently asked questions include:

What are the Signs I Need Sump Pump Repair in Calgary?

Are you wondering if you need a sump pump repair in Calgary? Check your system for any of these indications that it’s time to call a professional. Your system:

  • Turns On and Off
  • Runs Longer than Usual
  • Runs Continuously
  • Has Rust or Damage Visible

How Often Should I Have My System Checked and Serviced?

Regularly servicing your sump pump system, ideally on an annual basis or more frequently if issues arise, is crucial for preventing unexpected breakdowns and ensuring longevity. This proactive maintenance helps avoid costly repairs and enhances the system’s overall efficiency. A qualified technician can inspect and clean components, check for wear or damage, and assess the condition of the sump pit and discharge pipe during these routine sessions. By investing in regular maintenance, you protect your system, reduce the risk of unexpected failures, and ultimately save on potential repair expenses.

What is the Average Lifespan of a Unit?

Ten years is the average life expectancy, but it needs regular service for your entire unit to last that long. That’s why we recommend routine sump pump maintenance. Regular cleaning and care will give an increased life expectancy to your unit and fewer chances of catastrophic water damage. Like with any appliance, however, the more it’s used, the shorter its average life span.

What Types of Sump Pumps Do You Service?

Sump pumps play a crucial role in preventing basement or crawl space flooding by efficiently removing excess water. There are various types of basement sump pumps designed to cater to specific needs. Pedestal sump pumps are elevated, with the motor positioned on a pedestal above the sump pit, providing easy maintenance access. In contrast, submersible sump pumps are placed directly inside the sump pit, operating quietly and being less visible. Battery backup sump pumps ensure continued functionality during power outages by relying on a backup battery or secondary power source. Combination sump pumps integrate both primary and battery backup systems for comprehensive protection. Water-powered sump pumps use municipal water pressure for operation, making them suitable for areas with frequent power outages. Backup sump pumps activate when the primary pump fails or water volume exceeds capacity.

Our team of professional plumbers can repair and install each of these types of pumps. Each type has unique advantages, and the choice depends on factors such as power source availability, installation preferences, and the need for defence against flooding and backup systems. Our professional sump pump installation services can also help you with this choice. Regular maintenance and testing are essential to ensure the reliable performance of sump pumps in preventing a wet basement and water damage.

What’s the Best Way to Test My System?

To assess your sump pump’s functionality, pour water into the pit and observe the float switch’s response. If it activates the pump efficiently, your system is in good condition. However, if issues arise, such as a failure to trigger the pump, it may indicate a problem requiring professional attention. Timely identification and resolution of such issues contribute to the reliability of your sump pump, ensuring its effectiveness in preventing potential water damage to your home.

Why is Regular Maintenance Necessary?

Regular maintenance is vital to ensure the efficient operation of your sump pump when needed. This includes inspecting for wear or damage, cleaning debris from the sump pit, and testing components to prevent unexpected breakdowns. By addressing these key aspects, proper maintenance extends the lifespan of your sump pump and reduces the risk of unforeseen issues, providing peace of mind and reliable protection against potential water damage no matter what type of pump you own.

Sump Pump Annual Maintenance Checklist:

  • Clean Out all Debris
  • Inspect the Float Valve & Drain Hose
  • Ensure the Discharge Location is at a Good Distance
  • Clean the Impeller & Weep Hole
  • Smell for Odour
  • Check the ground for leaks
  • Check the Power
  • Have a Backup Sump Pump System
  • Do a Test Run

What Happens if My System Stops Working and I Don’t Have It Repaired?

Experiencing a sump pump failure or breakdown is a critical issue that can swiftly lead to the flooding of your basement, resulting in substantial water damage to your home. The repercussions of such an event extend beyond the immediate financial burden, as the potential for mould growth and other long-term health effects becomes a significant concern. The costs associated with repairing the damage caused by basement flooding can be exorbitant, encompassing structural repairs, addressing potential mould infestations, and mitigating health risks.

Given the gravity of these consequences, it is imperative to act promptly if you observe any signs of trouble with your sump pump. These signs may include unusual noises during operation, persistent cycling without water present, visible signs of wear or rust on the pump, or any other irregularities in its performance. Timely intervention can prevent the escalation of these issues into a full-blown breakdown, ensuring the continued effectiveness of your sump pump in safeguarding your home against water damage.

Swift action is not only a matter of financial prudence but also a proactive measure to protect the well-being of your household. The potential health risks associated with water damage, such as mould growth and the release of harmful substances, emphasize the importance of addressing sump pump issues promptly. Doing so will mitigate the financial burden of extensive repairs and contribute to your home’s overall safety and integrity.

Is a Back-up Sump Pump Necessary?

Having a backup sump pump is considered essential for several reasons. During heavy storms, the primary sump pump may fail due to power outages, mechanical issues, or excessive water volume. A backup sump pump provides additional protection, ensuring continuous operation in case the primary pump malfunctions.

Backup sump pumps are particularly crucial in areas prone to power outages, where the primary pump relies on electricity. During severe weather events, power disruptions can coincide with increased water infiltration, posing a higher risk of flooding. A battery-operated or water-powered backup pump ensures that the sump pit remains functional even in the absence of electrical power, offering homeowners peace of mind during emergencies.

Moreover, regular maintenance and testing of the primary and backup sump pumps are vital to confirm operational readiness. This proactive approach minimizes the risk of unexpected failures and ensures that the entire sump pump system is well-prepared to handle potential flooding situations. In summary, the necessity of a backup sump pump lies in its role as a reliable failsafe, providing homeowners with a comprehensive and resilient defence against water damage.

What Happens if My Sump Pump Line is Frozen?

If your line freezes, it’s crucial to call for professional sump pump service to thaw your system immediately. While waiting for an experienced plumber to help, there are steps you can take to try to fix the problem, but remember that only a professional can guarantee that your system will not be damaged. Follow these steps to thaw the line when you have frozen pipes:

  1. Turn off the power and circuit breaker switch before anything else.
  2. Increase the heat in your basement by turning up the thermostat or placing a space heater near the unit.
  3. Open the drain to get out any remaining water. This may require a hand pump if there’s a lot.
  4. Look for any blockages from debris or ice and clear them as much as possible.
  5. Remove the drain line.
  6. Wait for one of our plumbers to help with the rest of it.

What Other Services Do You Offer?

We offer a wide array of plumbing services around Calgary, including drain cleaning, sewer line repair and replacement, sewer system backups, HydroScrub® Jetting, plumbing diagnosis and inspection, water line repairs, fixes to clogged drains, leaking pipes, and frozen pipes, boiler services, plumbing system maintenance, water softener and filter installation, tankless water heater installation, preventative maintenance, backflow prevention device installation, hot water tank repair and replacement, trenchless sewer repairs, and more!

Need Sump Pump Repair? Calgary Residents Are in Safe Hands!

Don’t let water damage be the downfall of your home. Keep your sump pump system in proper working order with routine maintenance checks.

Over the years, we’ve served homeowners with various plumbing repair services, including Calgary sump pump repairs, and we serve communities across the city. Speak with our dedicated customer service team today to have all your questions answered!

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