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Water Valves and Water Shut Off

Water Valves

Water valves control the water flow in your pipes and plumbing fixtures. When they’re working properly, these valves are probably not on your mind. But when there’s a problem, you may not think about anything else. An inoperable or leaking water valve can lead to water damage and major plumbing issues. If you’re in the middle of a water valve crisis, or if you simply need to have one installed, reach out to Calgary Pro Plumbing. Our trustworthy plumbers will handle it fast.

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Water Valve Installation

Our licensed and insured plumbers install several types of water valves, including:

  • Whole house shutoff valves
  • Ball valves
  • Faucet valves
  • Gate valves
  • Globe valves
  • Supply stop valves
  • Washing machine valves

If you aren’t sure what valve type your home plumbing system needs, don’t worry. Your local Calgary Pro Plumbing will identify the water valve that’s right for your system. Then a friendly service technician will be there to perform an efficient water valve installation that keeps your plumbing working its best.

Water Valve Repair

Hard water and general wear can cause water valves to fail. Because there are so many types of valves, repair jobs can be complex. But our plumbers are ready for anything.

Signs you need water valve repair or water inlet valve repair include:

  • Water that continues to run after a valve is closed
  • Dripping or leaking valves
  • Irregular or noisy water flow
  • A loose or leaking water valve handle
  • Rust or mold around the plumbing fixture or pipes

No matter the warning signs your plumbing is showing you, Calgary Pro Plumbing will get to the bottom of it and resolve the problem.

Water Valve Replacement

Will a repair be possible, or do you need complete water valve replacement? Your local Calgary Pro Plumbing will assess the valve to recommend your best course of action.

Here are the steps of a typical water valve replacement:

  • Close the water supply valve closest to the section of the piping near the valve to be replaced. If shutting a valve located at a water meter, always close the valve on the house side rather than the water line valve going to the road.
  • Once the water is off, remove the old valve and replace it with a new valve. Some valves may be threaded, while others may have a compression nut to loosen and replace. If the water valve is a sweat valve, it’s soldered to the pipe and must be removed with a torch or hacksaw.
  • If the handle is broken or leaking, we’ll perform a water valve handle replacement.
  • Once the replacement is completed, we’ll restore the water flow and check the new water valve’s function.

Keep in mind that some water valve types are easier to replace than others. The proper training and professional tools are crucial to a successful replacement. Especially in the case of a live water valve replacement, it’s important to hire a plumber to prevent water damage to the home. New technology exists that allows some valves to be “pressed” on with specialized tools, avoiding the need to thread or solder the pipe joint.

Water Valve Services Near Me

Let Calgary Pro Plumbing provide water valve services so you can get on with life. Whether you need water valve installation, repair, or replacement, our plumbers will get the job done right. Reach out to your local team by calling or request a job estimate online.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the on and off positions for water valves?

To find out if a water valve is on or off, look at the position of the handle. In most cases, the valve is closed if the handle is perpendicular to the water flow path. The valve is open if the handle is in line with the flow path.

How to turn off the water supply to bathroom taps:

In most bathrooms, the shut-off valve to the water supply is in the cabinet area under the sink. If you do not see the water valve there, look in the ceiling above the sink. Once you locate the valve, turn it clockwise to shut off the water supply.

Water Shut Off

Every home should have a main water shut-off valve near or inside the home. The valve is located on the main water supply line. This device can stop the flow of water into the house in the event of an emergency. If you are having major plumbing work done, closing the water shut-off valve ensures your plumber can complete their work safely. Calgary Pro Plumbing is your local source for all water shut-off valve services.

Water shut-off valve assistance is a phone call away—call us.

Main Water Shut-off Valve Services from Calgary Pro Plumbing

The licensed professionals at Calgary Pro Plumbing have the training and experience necessary to:

  • Install a water shut-off valve if your home doesn’t already have one. This would be highly unusual because building codes require these valves, but it happens.
  • Repair the water shut-off valve if you’ve noticed the device leaking, or if it did not completely stop the flow of water when you tried to close the valve.
  • Replace the water shut-off valve if the device is damaged beyond repair. An old water shut-off valve may be too rusty, corroded, or out-of-date to be repaired.

How We Perform Water Shut-off Valve Services

You may be curious about how installing, repairing, or replacing a main water shut-off valve is possible. After all, it’s installed on an active water pipe in your home. So, how do you stop the flow of water if the valve that stops the flow is being worked on?

Your home should have another point at which the water supply can be stopped: An exterior shut-off point.

If your home is on a municipal water supply, there’s a valve where your home’s water pipes meet the municipal supply line. If you have a well, you should have a mechanism to turn off the well pump.

To service the water shut-off valve, your plumber will close the exterior shut-off point first, or turn off the well pump. This will allow your plumber to drain the pipes and perform the work without flooding your home.

Emergency Water Shut-off Valve Service Near Me

With more than 50 years in the business, we’ve seen it all. You can count on us to inspect your emergency water shut-off valve and provide you with a thorough explanation of all your options. When you’ve made a decision, we will perform the work right, the first time. Plus, the Neighborly Done Right Promise® means our job isn’t done until you’re completely happy with our services.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the emergency water shut-off valve?

Your home’s emergency water shut-off valve location could be outside the house, in the basement, or in your crawl space. If you’re struggling to find it, here are some helpful tips.

What is an automatic water shut-off valve?

An automatic water shut-off valve uses a sensor to detect either leaking water or major water pressure fluctuations. When the sensor is triggered, it automatically stops the water flowing into the house. These devices can prevent major water damage from occurring when you’re not at home.

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