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Sewer Repair

Sewer Repair

Sewer lines hold up amazingly well over the years, given how much wear and tear they are exposed to on a daily basis—but they’re not impervious to the effects of slow deterioration or sudden damage. While most people would like to ignore their existence and just hope everything continues to run smoothly, there always comes a time when a major problem rears its head and property owners find themselves in need of Calgary sewer line installation service.

While no one likes to get the news that they need sewer line installation, Calgary homeowners can benefit in some big ways. It’s incredibly aggravating to struggle day in and day out with a wastewater disposal system that isn’t working properly, and it can also make your home a lot less comfortable and sanitary. When you make the move to call an experienced plumber for Calgary sewer line installation, you can get your peace of mind back because you don’t have to worry about what your malfunctioning plumbing system is going to do next.

Stop crossing your fingers every time you flush and contact your local Calgary plumber for sewer line installation. At Calgary Pro Plumbing our team has the experience and skill to install, repair and maintain your entire plumbing system, efficiently and effectively. Your satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us, which is why we keep our focus on excellent customer service and expert workmanship.

How We Handle Calgary Sewer Line Installation Services

When your home was built, the construction company installed sewer lines, but like just about everything else on Earth, they aren’t going to last forever and your property will eventually need sewer line replacement. If that time has arrived and you’re facing a major plumbing project, you may be wondering exactly how it’s going to be done—and dreading the possibility of a time-consuming, stressful, destructive process that involves tearing up your landscaping with a big, muddy trench.

Fortunately, that trench digging part is likely not going to be necessary. The team at Calgary Pro Plumbing has the state-of-the-art equipment, experience and training to carry out trenchless sewer line installation and repair with methods that are much faster, more effective and less destructive than the conventional method of digging a trench to access sewage lines.

If the location and exact nature of the problem is unclear—which is often the case with wastewater disposal lines—it’s necessary for our plumbers to conduct a plumbing diagnosis first. It involves a sewer scope inspection, where we get video footage of the inside of your lines and gather detailed information on your sewer line damage. Once we know, we can figure out the best course of action for Calgary sewer line replacement.

Pipe Relining

Suppose the damage in question is relatively minor, like a pinhole or small crack, or your pipes are starting to show their age, and you want to do something to prevent deterioration. In that case, relining may be the best option for Calgary sewer line installation service. This technique involves your plumber inserting a flexible tube into the full length of the pipe, and that tube has an inflatable “bladder” inside it. When the lining is in place, your plumber will inflate the bladder so it pushes the pipe lining into place against the inside walls of your existing wastewater disposal line.

Once fully hardened and cured, the inflatable bladder is removed, leaving the inside of your sewer line reinforced and sealed by the new, hardened lining. You can rest easy knowing that any holes and cracks are closed up, and the long-lasting liner material will keep your sewer line installation leak-proof and operating smoothly.

Hydraulic Pipe Bursting

If the damage is more serious or widespread, a complete sewer line installation is probably going to be necessary. The best way to put in a new sewer line is to pull it through the existing space where the old one was located, but first, your plumber has to remove the old, damaged line. We’ll accomplish that with a technique called pipe bursting, which involves the use of hydraulics to break up the remnants of the old pipe so the space can be filled with a replacement line. This may sound like a lot, but it’s actually a fairly fast and painless process for homeowners—in most cases, we can carry out trenchless sewer line installation in just one day.

Why Calgary Pro Plumbing Is the Right Choice for Calgary Sewer Line Installation

It’s never fun to deal with a malfunctioning plumbing system that needs major plumbing repair or replacement work such as sewer line installation, but it’s less stressful when you know which plumbing company you can call to get an experienced, professional plumber at your door as soon as possible.

Count on the courteous plumbing experts at Calgary Pro Plumbing to get the job done right, whether you need Calgary sewer line installation, clogged drain cleaning services, water heater services, sump pump installation or dozens of other reliable plumbing services for your residential or commercial property.

Frequently Asked Questions About Sewer Line Installation in Calgary, AB

What Are the Signs I Need Sewer Line Installation?

You might think you already know what it’s like to deal with sewer line issues—a nasty flood of raw sewage all over your floor. That can happen, but there are usually a lot of warning signs before it gets to that point. If you know the subtler signs that trouble is coming, you can get it handled by our team of expert plumbers before your house turns into the most revolting swimming pool imaginable.

Here are some of the major warning signs that indicate you need sewer line installation service:

  • Slow Drains: Everyone has to deal with clogged drains now and then, and while they are irritating, they’re not usually a sign of a major problem. But if more than one of your drains are taking a really long time to move water out of your fixtures and there aren’t any obvious clogs, this is a sign that there’s some deeper trouble that needs to be investigated by a professional plumber.
  • Gross Smells: If you can smell a foul odour in your yard, or coming from plumbing fixtures and floor drains, that’s a major warning that something’s not right and you may need Calgary sewer line installation. Even if the problem doesn’t call for replacement, it still needs to be checked out and resolved by our expert plumbers.
  • Odd Sounds: Does your toilet gurgle or bubble when you run water in a nearby fixture? Strange noises from fixtures or one fixture reacting when you use another are issues that are generally caused by either a broken pipe or severe blockage that requires sewer line repairs or new sewer line installation.
  • Swampy Grass or Sudden Lush Patches: If there’s a patch of soggy grass on your lawn, that may be an indication that you’ve got a cracked or broken pipe leaking water underground. Or, you may also notice that there are patches of grass that are suddenly much more green and lush than the rest because they’re getting extra “fertilizer” from your sewer lines.
  • Sewage Backup: When there’s visible raw sewage pooling in low-lying fixtures like your shower, toilet or floor drain, you probably don’t need us to tell you that’s not a good sign. It’s unsanitary, revolting and can actually pose a risk to the health of your family. Stop using your system immediately and call your local plumber for Calgary sewer line installation.

What Are the Advantages of Trenchless Sewer Line Installation?

At this point, you may be wondering if trenchless sewer line installation and repair methods are the right move for your property. There definitely are some huge benefits to trenchless techniques over more conventional methods that involve digging a trench.

The advantages of trenchless Calgary sewer line installation include:

  • Less Invasive: Sewage lines are sometimes buried as deep as five or six feet down. That means a trench needs to be not just deep but also quite wide in order to provide access for traditional repair methods. Depending on how your landscaping is configured, you could lose flowerbeds, whole bushes and even small trees, and it can take years for your yard to recover from that level of destruction. In comparison, trenchless techniques cause virtually no damage at all—your plumber will probably only need to dig two small holes on either side of the stretch being replaced.
  • Much Faster: Understandably, digging a large trench in the ground is time-consuming, and filling it in takes a considerable amount of time as well. That process extends the overall time of a sewer line installation by multiple days, which causes a major disruption in your schedule. You will need to leave your house while the installation work is happening and you may even need to take time off of work. Without the need for a trench, the installation work will go much faster. Our team is often able to complete trenchless sewer line installation within one day.
  • High Quality: If you need sewer line installation, you can rest easy knowing the new lines installed by our team will be of a higher quality than the ones that were replaced, especially if your plumbing system was installed quite some time ago. The new installation can last up to a century, so it’s safe to say that you won’t need to deal with this particular project again. The pipe replacements also resist tree roots and harsh chemicals, are leak-proof, and are compliant to all building codes.

When Is Trenchless Calgary Sewer Line Installation Not a Viable Solution?

As great as trenchless sewer line installation and repair techniques are, there are a few situations where it’s just not possible to avoid digging a trench. Here are two examples of scenarios where trenchless methods will not work:

  1. The line has completely collapsed and soil has shifted down into the space where it used to be. Trenchless methods such as pipe relining and hydraulic bursting rely on utilizing the existing line, or at least the space where it used to be. If there’s nothing there but a wall of soil and disintegrated pipe, there’s no space to work with and a trench has to be dug so there’s somewhere to place the new sewer line installation.
  2. When trenches are originally dug for a brand-new sewer line installation, they need to meet minimum slope requirements to ensure proper drainage. As we all know, water flows downhill. If there’s not an adequate slope, it will just sit there or worse, back up into the house. The actual slope of a trench may be much steeper than the required minimum, which is perfectly fine. But if the original installer didn’t create a sufficient slope, there’s no point in putting new pipes in the old space because the same problem will reoccur all over again. Instead, it’s necessary for a new trench to be dug with the proper degree of slope to ensure the problem is resolved.

Do Orangeburg Pipes Need to Be Replaced With a New Sewer Line Installation?

They absolutely do. Orangeburg pipes are made from compressed layers of wood pulp fiber that has been imbued with liquified coal tar pitch, so they are far less durable and long-lasting than other types of materials such as PVC or PEX. They stopped being used in the 1970s and they only last for about 50 years at maximum, so if you still have Orangeburg pipes your system is due or long overdue for a Calgary sewer line installation.

How Long Do Sewer Pipes Usually Last Before They Need to Be Replaced?

As we mentioned above, Orangeburg pipes only last 50 years at an absolute maximum—and that’s pushing it. Fortunately, other types are generally much longer-lived. The most common varieties are PVC, ABS or cast iron sewer pipes, and all those types can potentially last for 70 to 80 years. That means it could very well be the next generation’s responsibility!

That being said, it’s important to remember that those are only potential timelines. There’s a lot that could happen that could cause you to need a replacement installation much earlier due to internal or external forces. Factors that can cause premature damage or deterioration include tree root intrusion, seismic activity, vibration or excessive weight from heavy construction, and a lack of maintenance. Without regular drain cleaning services, stubborn clogs and mineral deposits can build up inside lines and choke off the wastewater flow to a pinhole. As the water tries to force its way through, it causes tremendous pressure inside the wastewater line that can cause it to crack. Professional, routine sewer line cleaning and drain cleaning will not only help you avoid having to deal with unexpected plumbing disasters, but it will also extend the serviceable years of your wastewater disposal lines so you can prevent the need for replacement for longer.

What Causes the Types of Problems That Require Sewer Line Installation?

We mentioned that tree root intrusion could be a major issue for buried wastewater lines. The damage happens when tree roots wrap themselves around buried pipes and grow, applying immense pressure that can eventually crack the line open. When the roots get inside the pipe and have direct access to the wastewater, they grow a lot faster and can fill several feet of pipe. Needless to say, that blocks the wastewater can lead to nasty problems like sewage backups. Another big problem is grease or oil that gets rinsed down a kitchen sink drain. It coats the inside of your sewer line and hardens, causing a big, sticky mess that catches other debris and leads to a major clog that can cause a ruptured pipe. Some of the other factors that contribute to the need for a replacement sewer line installation are:

  • Paper towels, “flushable” wipes that really aren’t flushable, newspaper, tissues, excessive toilet paper and feminine hygiene products
  • Food particles, especially items that can turn into a sand-like texture such as eggshells, or that have a high grease content
  • Small objects such as bottle caps, razor blades, and little toys that are thrown down the drain or accidentally fall in
  • Harsh storms and earth tremors can cause soil to shift and grind against buried lines, damaging them

Set Up Your Home’s Plumbing System Right! Your Local Calgary Sewer Line Installation Expert Is a Phone Call Away!

Live in any part of the Calgary area? You can get reliable plumbing services from the team of experts at Calgary Pro Plumbing, including sewer line installation. Give us a call to speak with our knowledgeable customer service staff and find out more about what we can do for your plumbing system or to schedule a convenient service time.

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